UK Shipping help????

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  1. Ok I'm probably being really premature here but I have never had any problems with USPS Express Mail service to the UK. I was expecting a parcel to arrive today using the Express Mail International with the guaranteed date service. According the USPS website the shipment left the US on Tuesday 9th Feb in the afternoon but since then nothing at all. I have received my express mail parcels in the past after 5 working days max, normally 4 but in this case the parcelforce UK tracking which would handle the shipment is not showing it's arrival in the UK. It actually scans the parcels as arriving in the UK before customs so I know it's not stuck in customs. Anyone with more experience care to share if they have experienced delays with the EMS guaranteed date service. It's the weekend now so I'm not sure when the UK website will update next and am a bag of nerves!!!
  2. Parcelforce's system was down during the week. Maybe it is a system error. If the USPS system shows it logged in, then it is. email Parcelforce. They might need to flick some sort of switch. The error last week was that items that had already shown up as registered on Parcelforce, fell off the system. Then they came back up - well my buyer's one did. But they contacted Parcelforce too.
  3. ^Thank you for your input. I have phoned Parcel several times over the last couple of days but they have just given me the tracking info that shows up on the screen anyway. I was told there has been a slight backlog of parcels coming in from the US and China. Gosh I really hope it updates soon....patience is a virtue!
  4. ^^Good luck with it. Patience is the name of the game with the foul weather in many countries recently. Even in good weather, items I sent have taken 4-8 days to be delivered by Parcelforce after they arrived in the UK. So hang in there.
  5. ^Thank you again Shinymagpie. Just bumping this in case anyone else in the UK is waiting for an express mail parcel that hasn't arrived yet? I have emailed my lovely seller to ask USPS if they would put a tracer on the parcel as it was a guaranteed service. I am still kicking myself for not paying extra and using Fedex but honestly in the past Express mail packages arrived only a day after Fedex anyway after paying over double the shipping charges!

    Any experience with lost parcels via EMS? This is what my tracking looks like on the USPS website..

    Guaranteed Delivery Date: February 12, 2010
    Class: Express Mail International®
    Status: International Dispatch

    Your item left the United States from ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS) at 12:34 PM on February 9, 2010. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later.
  6. Hi Syma - I do hope your parcel arrives today! I can't give you any helpful info but I've certainly got my fingers crossed for you! x
  7. ^ Ahh thank you dear!!
  8. bumping this thread up 'cos i have a UK shipping question too.

    i recently won a wallet and seller said she'll ship it by first class recorded delivery. this means i have to sign for the item right? unfortunately royal mail's website said that tracking will only be available within UK! eeks. so that means i won't be able to track yet will be able to sign for it? sounds like it can still go missing.... and seller charged me 15 pounds for shipping! is that too much?
  9. Did you try the Parcelforce tracking site? It might help you to track it.

    When you get it, do take a look at the postage cost marked on the package. It should show you the price paid for the shipping and then think about the packaging cost. The seller is not responsible for the fees that Parcelforce or Royal Mail might charge you at import, so even though it hurts!!! please be kind and don't take that into account when you do stars for shipping fees. :smile:
  10. Where are you ? The US ? I thought first class recorded was only for Inland UK....
  11. i'm in Singapore so that makes it an international delivery. i'm not sure how the UK postal system works but all along sellers from the UK send me by international sign for. should i be worried that it is by first class recorded?
  12. Hi- I don't think she could have posted it by just first class would have to be sent by some form of international shipping :-
    I have just sent a package to the US by 'international signed for' - it only provides tracking in the UK and requires a signature on delivery but I think this the best way to send. I would just check with your seller to see if she has actually sent it via this method..
  13. ^^^ Found out that with Royal mail international signed for: you can track your item all the way if you use the track and trace of the country you posted it to, ie. to see where it is if posted to the USA you use USPS track and trace and it tells you where it is. Or, if posted to Ireland you use Track and trace Ireland with the same barcode and it tells you it is delivered and they also can email you delivery confirmation.
  14. Thanks bonny_montana! I didn't know that - I'm glad I can keep an eye on my parcel - it's the first time I have sent overseas!
  15. First class recorded cannot be used for International shipments. If seller sent with a signature required it can only be shipped 'international signed for' with Royal Mail.