uk sellers does your post office moan when...

  1. take in a parcel which you've printed off the postage label through paypal ? i took in one yesterday and the cashier was extremely rude because i wasn't paying him for sending the parcel, i told him to take it up with paypal and not his customers.
    i understand where they're coming from i guess, but hell, i do whats easiest for me not them.
    i won't be using that p.o again thats for sure.
    anyone else finding the same thing?
  2. I have not used the printing service available as to be honest I dont agree with it at all.

    The start of pensions etc into banks has caused a decline in the customers using the post offices and I think these parcels will make it worse and in the long run more offices will close.

    I understand its convenient to print it out but if you have to take it to the P/o anyways I cant see that much difference.

    I understand 100% the post masters annoyance but they should not be rude to you.

    Thing to consider is if lots of people use the print service your local p/o might close, if mine did I would then have to drive a 6 mile trip to get to the next one.
  3. oh i agree that it's a threat to the smaller p.o's, but if i've no change in my purse (i'm like the queen,never carry cash !) its easier to pay through my paypal balance.
    i've had comments from other cashiers in another p.o but they direct them to paypal not me and are still friendly about it !
  4. I find most post office employees rude...really bugs me. Like if I sell a load of stuff on eBay...looks to kill. Lol. Really frustrates me. Although, I do work in Tesco, and I do get annoyed when people come to my till with like 3 baskets of groceries (we're a Petrol Express store). Especially since there's a superstore 2 minutes down the road. Lol!
  5. Mine is quite helpful, i ask for the slips and specialy delivery bags ready I always have them in stock in the house. So when i get to the post office everything is filled in and we can process it really quickly together!

    I have not used the paypal system- i hate paypal at the best of times I am not letting them get more money!

    I always go to the same post office and show my support as he is on the list of post offices that may shut!
  6. I have not used the Paypal post option either, but I have to say, I would be tempted.

    I send everything next day special delivery as it is insured, my post office are the grumpiest people on earth. I actually hate selling on eBay, because I hate having to post stuff out.

    All this talk of post office closures, you would think, post offices would make more of an effort, but no, they act like they are doing you a favour by allowing you to pay them and post stuff!!

    ewww rant over :biggrin: lol
  7. i can't say that i've noticed, but i only did it once. once when i was about to do it i looked and thought "ooh that looks expensive" and then i priced it on the royal mail website and it turned out £3 cheaper buy the postage at the post office :wtf:
  8. The post office I used to use had really nice, friendly, helpful tellers. Since I have moved house, the post offices near me are okay- but not of the same caliber. And it turned out that the one I used to use won the british post offices 'best post office in scotland' award, they were ace and deserved it. (sorry that was a bit off topic)
  9. I'm in the states, and the clerk at my local PO told me to get a scale and order boxes for free to be delivered to my house, so I could print postage and label at home! Guess she is so busy already, that she encourages people to do what they can at home. BTW, USPS offers a discount when you print international postage and customs form at home via Paypal! Can't beat that!
  10. I don't get why they would be mad.....I am in the states as well and I ship all my labels on paypal or the USPS website. On Paypal I get free delivery confirmation, and on the USPS site I get a discount on shipping. I like that paypal takes the money right out of my account to pay the USPS. I also go online and order free boxes and they send them to my box. My postal ladies love that I do my on postage at home.

    Maybe you could find another PO where they may be a little more friendly.
  11. I don't print my own postage slips although I totally sympathise with VenetiaWanter. My Post Office HATES me although I can't really understand's independently owned so technically I'm helping to pay their wages!!! :lol:
  12. You are lucky that can get the value right. When I was back in the Summer I tried to use the Paypal/Royal Mail system and I just didn't trust it...heard they had problems with the prices at one point!
  13. My Post Office is also never anything but nice to me but they've told me before that they hate the paypal shipping labels because they can never get them to scan once you've put tape over them to tape them onto the box. They always have to give up and type it in.

    I also never use Paypal shipping for international shipping because I am never sure that I have the weight and dimensions right, though. And as of late with the weak dollar more than half of my sales have been overseas (sorry, OT, I know.)

    Edited to say somehow I missed the UK in the title - I'm in the US - sorry:p
  14. Well I have never used the Paypal printing label because Paypal really annoys me. But I do agree that the people in the PO are not the nicest people. When I sometimes post stuff my mum sells on eBay or I sell on me and my dads account the lady huffs and puffs at me like she hasnt got time for me although that is her job LOL. She also asks what the item is and if I have sold an LV or other designer item and she asks the price (to put on the package) then she is like "Whoa, thats EXPENSIVE" :wtf:. I think they are quite rude.
  15. just to go off topis slightly regarding rudeness, i sent a bbag off a while back. when the woman saw the customs form and what was in the package/how much it was worth etc, she looked at me agast and said "£595 for a HANDBAG !, some people have more money than sense !"
    i agreed with her in a pleasant manner then informed her that i owned 4 of them. that soon shut her up !