UK Scarfies - Handwashing C/S - No colour run


Apr 1, 2008
Hi All, finally plucked up the courage to try and handwash one of my GM c/s and picked my beloved aubergine TB (no white in case of mishaps).

I had intended to use The Launderess Cashmere Shampoo, purchased at some considerable cost I might say, but having tried it out on one of DH's ties, the colour run it produced was gulp inducing. :wtf: Retried it using my second choice of detergent and no colour run whatsover.

The detergent I used to wash my shawl is Dylon Colour Wash and Protect. You can get it from either Sainsbury's (£1.99) or Tesco (£2.99).

All I did was fill a sink with luke warm water and dissolve half a capful of the detergent into it. I then swirled the shawl through it and gave it a few squeezes to make sure that everything got a clean. Lots of copious rinsing in cold water, squeezed the excess water out, rolled it up in a towel and then left it overnight draped over a chair in the vicinity of a radiator.

My shawl is now clean and bright. The detergent does have quite a strong smell, but it wears off quite quickly, so don't be put off by that. I am off to do some of my other shawls.

HTH those that are contemplating hand washing.


Jan 2, 2007
Thank you for posting! I haven't tried handwashing any of my shawls yet and like you I do have a cashmere shampoo that I have kept for when that fated laundry day arrives. I will certainly try the Dylon version on my shawls!

good life

clockwork orange
Nov 1, 2010
orange side of the moon
I wash my cashmere shawls with johnson's baby shampoo. Wash in cold, hang dry and iron. It smells so good and turns out so soft. Way better and cheaper than dry cleaning.