UK sale

  1. Well...ive heard about a dior sale happening in June:nuts: ...will this reach the UK?

    Thanks in advance!:smile:
  2. Yes, I know that Selfridges has sale in early June and Dior does go on sale, such as bags, accessories and shoes and in Harrods (27th June approximate date) the same things tend to go on sale also. Two years ago I saw they had Dior girly on sale and I was able to get it at 50% off.
  3. yup. summer sales!
    i'll be missing out on the start of the harrods sale unfortunately, but i hope that the sale in paris will more than make up for it.
  4. now why cant it be blimmin july cos I'll be in london then grrrrrrrr NOT FAIR!!! *sulks off to cry in corner*
  5. aww, madkitty, there still will be sales in july! the harrods summer sale lasts for AGES, although of course the availability of certain sale items might run out after the first day or two (it's crazy).

    during the winter sales, i think i went to the selfridges & harvey nics in manchester a week after it started, and there were still tonnes of sales items left over, although a good bulk of them were just a wee bit grotty.
  6. well ill be going to london on the 18th of i guess ill have to make another trip soon after!
    Any ideas of which bags will be in the sale this time around?
  7. The Selfridges sale may have started by then or even earlier so u may get good Dior sale items. Last DEC in Selfridges I saw they still had Dior girly, rasta collection and other stuff (sorry I cant fully remember as I just glanced at it). I have heard that maybe the ST.Germain may go on sale, the shoe sale will just be odd shoes from past seasons(romantique in brown) (usually unpopular sizes like size 3 and 8).
  8. Hi, can anyone give me a date for the Manchester Selfridges one ? Thanks :smile:
  9. Hi Size 8 is popular! I never can find my size, I have to get full price!Lol!
    During the Gucci Sales, I can never find any shoes in my size. Its the 4's and 3's that are left, I always see tiny shoes left!Lol! I know what you mean though Cammy1.

  10. Can you tell me when is this Paris sale expected?
    Because I might me travelling there this summer...
  11. ^ bubach, as far as i can recall, i remember a PFer mentioning that in the last 2 weeks of june, printemps/layfette would be going on sale and if i'm not wrong, it'd be sale season in july in paris too.
  12. Thanks for the info :tup:!