UK Rhino Lucian Ion / Julian Rowe Jones

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  1. hi girls I'm Asian and want to get a rhino done in London.
    have booked consults with Lucian Ion and Julian Rowe Jones
    came across a few bad reviews for JRJ.
    Wondering if I should cancel the consult.
    Can you please give me any experience of op or consults with any of those 2 guys if you have ?
  2. #2 Jul 9, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2016
    I would advise you get it done in Korea not London. I had rhino with the first ps, then got an abscess, then got reoperated on found the rib cartilage strut had displaced and ended up with a small nose with wonky nostrils. I got a second opinion in Korea last week. The second opinion was that my nose was made too short but I cannot spend more money on further revision. I have since had a philtrum reduction and lip lift to offset a short nose and the longer philtrum it left me with, which is cheaper.
  3. The first ps you mention admitted to me that he did not have much experience in asian nose skin and said I could not get a long nose back and that my nostrils were unlikely to improve. I had perfect nostrils before he operated on me. He had initially asked me why I did not get it done in Korea when I saw him at my first consultation as I am asian. I said because I don't speak Korean. In hindsight I did not know clinics in Korea have English interpreters. Look up of an asian getting a rhino in Korea at mvp.
  4. I had a surgery with Lucian Ion and it’s been a very traumatizing experience. He made my nose incredibly short and left so much philtrum space. I noticed only now that there’s been so many similar complaints.
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  5. I am so sorry to read this @Badnose. The first pf member to mention her rhino with Ion was Monique and she regretted her rhino but sadly consulted at April31 in korea which botched @NadineP. Then I had rib rhino with Ion unaware of Monique and was initially happy with the long nose postop but it shrank and got infected so I ended up with a short upturned nose. I consulted with gng and dodged a bullet. I also met another Brit who ended up with a short barbie nose and pined for her original long nose. The only way to resolve this without spending another $13k on rhino was to pay Mills £2450 for bullhorn liplift to shorten my philtrum. This made the short nose appear less short. Hopefully you might be able to try this if your philtrum is 20 mms like mine was but make sure you do not get your nasal sill cut or it will distort your nostrils. I worked in the nhs ENT department with jrj and others and would say pick a plastic surgeon for cosmetic rhino and ENT for septoplasty.
  6. It’s crazy because I requested he not shorten my nose yet he did. He made it really short. Maybe, I would have considered a lip lift if the actual nose looked good but it does not. It looks so horrible. So a lip lift will not be fit for the job. Because I had such a long tip before there’s so much residual skin that my tip has to be lengthened again. My nostrils look revolting. I look masculine. I’m so confused how a surgeon of his caliber could create such a result as this. I heard about Monique and her tragic story. It’s so sad that you would think that after that Ion would not shorten people’s noses like this. It feels like a disfigurement. My entire face looks off balance. Thanks for listening and replying. X
  7. Oh I am so sorry for you @Badnose. Venting is good. For me it took 2 years to accept my new nose. How long has it been? Has he offered revision after a year? Would you consider free revision and just the £1995 private hospital fee or will you research a rhino ps who specialises in revisions to lengthen a short nose? As the months go by, the decision will become clearer. Make sure you go on consults and do not pay up front if you do consider revision. My research revealed that lengthening a short nose is the most difficult rhino procedure.
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