UK readers FREE wearewhatwedo with Marie Claire

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  1. Hello allll! I noticed the ad in last months Marie Claire that there would be a free wearewhatwedo bag in this months issue. It's isn't an Anya Hindmarch design but its definetly worth it for the £3.10 for those who missed out!

    I managed to get mine today but most shops should have the issue by tomorow.

    Heres a pic of the bag you'll be getting with a choice of 3 colours, blue, green and pink.

  2. I thought there would be more interest :sad:

  3. I think it's cute! Too bad I can't get one. I want to visit the UK so bad...I got Anya's bag, but I wouldn't mind this one too. Reminds me of Austin Powers. LOL.

  4. congrats abotu getting the anya one.. I kinda gave up after the first few attempts so I thought no bag is worth this much hassle lmao.
  5. bump :smile:
  6. bump...
  7. Thanks for posting, JuiceBox! :flowers:

    Do you know if it's made ethically?

    I had the chance to buy the AH, but after I found out that it was made in China, by children, I passed.

    It just seemed hugely hypocritical and to me, child slavery is an even bigger issue than reusing shopping bags.
  8. Really? I hadn't heard that, but then again I don't care for the AH bag nor this one, sorry.

    IMO, the hype of obtaining the AH bag overshadowed the purpose of the bag itself. And now there are knockoffs.
  9. ^ Afraid so. :sad:

    There are threads about it on here. :yes:

    ITA about the hype and the knockoffs and also, they were shipping it to customers all over the world, which can't exactly have been environmentally friendly, can it? :shrugs:

    All in all, I reckon that bag probably cost a lot more to the environment than it saved. :sad:

  10. Hm, im not too sure. In the magazine it says "Our bag was sourced from a responsible supplier who audits in accoradance with local government legilisation relating to both enviromental policies and staff safety. The cotten is certified organic, and the bags have been shipped to the UK in order to reduce carbon emissions."

    I'm not sure if this answers your question. :wacko:
  11. Thanks for pointing it out! I dont mean to be a downer, but I seem to get bags very often with my mags, is this one different?

  12. It was because it was by wearewhatwedo which was involved with that Anya Hindmarch one... I just thought people would like to know since it turns out it's quite well made :smile: