UK Prices?

  1. I'm getting my first b-bag soon and I wondered if anyone knows the prices of each bag in the UK? I'm mostly looking at the first and the city. Thank you :flowers:
  2. well the price for the first is 675 . the city is 735 and the twiggy is 620 and box 580
  3. i sent an email to Browns in London asking about prices and their current stock, here it is: btw, which is the patent bag? i have never heard of it before!

    Thank you for your email. Unfortunately we are unable to have Balenciaga
    bags on the website. I have made a list of the bags we have in stock.

    1. The Classic First Motorcycle bag £675 - colour Truffle (brown), Red,
    2. The City Bag £735 - colour grey, Truffle (brown), Blue, Camel, Marron,
    3. The Twiggy bag £620 - colour grey, green
    4. The Bowling bag £675 - colour red, grey
    5. The Courier saddle bag £565 - colour Truffle (brown), Blue
    6. The Hook and Line bag £775 - colour red, blue
    7. The Patent bag £540 - colour burgundy
    8. The Work bag £810 - colour camel, green
    10. The quilted bag £990 - colour Marron, Black
    11. The Whistle bag £645 - colour Truffle (brown), Black, Dark Brown
    12. The Whistle long bag £700 - colour black, red
  4. Thank you both!
    I found the 'first' price somewhere else and when I saw it was 675, I thought the city would be at least £200 more. So that's good news because I really wanted the city
    Do you know if those will be the prices of the bags sold in Selfridges/Harvey Nicks as well?
  5. you're welcome:flowers:
    i don't know about all the prices, but my friend bought a city from Harvey Nicks for 735 so we know the city at least has the same price.
  6. yes the prices are same because i have seen both the harvey nochols and selfridges as i go there alternate weekends and the prices are same
  7. They are way better priced in the US... :sad:
  8. I know... but the price of living in the UK is generally higher so theres not much anyone can do about it
    Does anyone know if they are cheaper in Paris? I might be going there soon :smile:
  9. from what i have seen i think they are comparitively cheaper with euro
  10. Does anyone know how much 'the day' costs?
  11. does anyone know how much a city cost in paris? might be going there soon!
  12. The First 865 Euros
    the City 945 Euros

  13. I know that the first in selfridges is 650. I got my first from aloharag for £535!!!!
  14. The high prices are in UK vs US are also due to the much higher VAT. If you buy from Aloha Rag, they actually under-declare the value of the bag by close to 80%, so the customs duties and VAT paid are substantially lower as well. When I bought from them, I did not even have to pay any duties/taxes because I am allowed to import up to USD250 tax-free into my country.
  15. Wow, prices are definitly lower with the Euro!
    I was wondering if anyone knew the price of a quilted balenciaga, the one which Ashlee Simpson has been carrying recently in the Euro? I've totally fallen in LOVE!
    Thanks in advance!