UK prices vs Canada prices?

  1. hi, i'm wondering if the prices are cheaper in UK compared to in Canada. i'm thinking of getting either the timeless clutch or east/west flap. does anyone know how much they cost in UK and Canada? thanks in advance for your info :smile:
  2. From what i have seen the prices aren't that much of a difference. After paying shipping and taxes, it works out to be even more in some cases.
  3. thanks for the info. it's just cause i'm going back to london for summer in june, so i wanted to know whether it's better to wait or just buy in canada.
  4. Oh maria28...I am terribly sorry, my eyes were playing tricks on me...I had misread your question and thought you meant the US. In regards to the US I have no idea. I just wanted to clarify that so you aren't mislead. SOrry!