UK Price Increase - what are your thoughts?

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  1. As fellow TPF member vikianderson brought up in the 'Chanel worldwide prices' thread, Chanel are increasing their prices by 10% in the UK from Monday 19th January onwards.

    I can see it from both sides of the story...

    Chanel aren't earning as much per bag in the UK than any other country with the falling sterling. People from Europe are also tempted to come and buy from the UK.
    Therefore, they increase the prices to bring it in line with the exchange rate.

    However, being from the UK, I personally find this preposterous and wholly put off. The falling sterling is already detrimental to us and our savings, wholly decreasing our spending power and they go and raise prices? Its not exactly going to bring our custom in quicker.:cursing:

    We could also be pretty sure that when the currency system stabilises (if it ever does), and the sterling rises again, they won't decrease the prices by that 10%. In fact, at that point they will probably just increase all prices in the other countries - i.e. another price increase.

    Thanks for listening to my short rant, I just feel this is another kick in the face for people from the UK, where job losses are dominating the headlines, £100k wiped off peoples houses in the past half year, and can't even go on holiday because the sterling is practically worthless. :crybaby:
  2. I agree with you completely. It's terrible that Chanel would raise the prices now, during an economic depression, with the falling value and exchange rate of the sterling. Any pieces would actually end up costing those who live in the UK more, because the lower value of the sterling right now. At least that is how I see it. You have already taken a huge hit. All the same, much cheaper for a foreigner to purchase in the UK right now, but to me still does not justify yet another increase that is singling out one country.
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    As I stated in our shopping thread, Chanel have shown that they are completely unable to read their customers or the market. It has long been known that they want a "certain" type of customer, ie the ones that they deem will not be affected by the market. They truly are not interested in most of us, ie the girls and ladies that save for a special bag.

    Well, EVERYBODY is effected right now, and with classic bags of the same shape, even cash rich people are going to think long and hard about buying new flaps or classics just because they are a different colour or hardware choice.

    I really hope this comes back to bite Chanel on the ar*e, as I stated earlier. It is not the time to be putting up the prices AGAIN, and shows how out of touch Designers have become with the world around them.

    I am no longer willing to pay the obscene prices of new bags so that Karl can show us huge fairgrounds, or show us a catwalk show with an exact replica of Chanel Paris including the pavement (oh and ofcourse the exact same windows and curtains of the store :rolleyes:).

    Heres a thought Karl, that you can have for nothing - why not hold the show in the store, or outside of your store so that you do not have to make exact replicas that cost your marketing department millions and millions of pounds, that you recoup back by inflicting huge price increases onto your loyal customers? - I mean, do they sit around in their meetings laughing their heads off saying, oh well, we will just up the prices to pay for it?

    I know so many people say, oh but how can I resist, its Chanel. Its a time when this argument is just not good enough. If we managed to resist and show some willpower, perhaps then prices and quality would improve.

    Finance and profit is the ONLY thing Design houses understand, and thats the bottom line!
  4. On one side I am unhappy about the price increases because the bags are costly enough.
    However, I am slightly happy about this because people abroad were taking advantage of the weak pound (not that I blame them)!. Problem was there was a shortage of bags and I had to keep calling in/ checking instore and was told on numerous occassions they were out of jumbos or the reissue I was after and was told twice due to high demand in overseas orders. I even noticed that the past month or so in the Chanel Shopping forum thread 'UK Chanel' the majority of the posts were from ppl abroad wanting to know prices of bags or what store had the bags they were after. Perhaps there will be more bags for UK gals, not in a mean way. It's just that we don't get the great deals like they do in US, so it would have been nice to have more bags aviable to us.
    Now maybe the overseas demand will be reduced and bags may be more available, however the price we pay for it will really effect our bank balances.
  5. I hope my previous post did not seem insensitve, because living in UK I am really feeling the recession (we want to sell our flat and buy a house- How crazy):nuts:. So I will really think long and hard before I buy another Chanel bag, because imo I really cannot justify the prices, esp. as I only bought a jumbo few weeks ago.
    I don't completly understand Chanel's rationale- I mean if they had to lay off 200 staff why then increase the prices and exclude potential buyers who are very weary of spending in this economic climate?
  6. I live in Scotland and we were going to London in July to buy my 1st Chanel bag. Well, we are now going to Paris to buy it. (Using airmiles etc), it will work out cheaper. (I think!!). Its getting worse here in the UK but as we know, its a worldwide thing. Am surprised by the price increase today by Chanel - just glad I bought my J12 a week ago - with the discount I got and the price increase, I saved £500!!
  7. You are right, it's not like Chanel is going to decrease the prices after the currency stabilizes. My thoughts are: Chanel can keep them:smile: If no one buys, it's going to come back and bite them in the rear.
  8. I agree with you ALL completely!I really can not believe Chanel is going to increase the price again after Oct of 2008!!! only 3 and a half month! It is too over!!
    2008 Spring / summer 2.55 227 jumbo size: £1395
    2008 A/W 2.55 227 jumbo size : £1580
    2008 A/W after OCT 227 jumbo size:£1680
    2009 S/S 227 jumbo size : £ 1848 (10%???)
    It is too over!!! Who knows chanel head office telephone?I am going to complain!!
  9. ^^ agh! that's nearly 35% in a year! :wtf:
  10. This will make me think VERY carefully about buying any further bags! Nearly £2000 a 227? I don't think so!
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    it is terrable,but people are still buying,when people keep there wallets.purses shut,then there have a rethink,but that day wont happen will it?,everyone knows there cut off price point,i wouldnt go above £1800 for a chanel classic,but maxi is £1820 0r £1840,bond street and selfridges said two differnt prices,i know proberly moan a bit more,then get it,but i wont buy another one,when it goes up again,id save and get a kelly,which i dont mind paying for,j12 gone up by £500,well what that means to me,is i wont buy it at a chanel store,when i can get it from a well known online store startg at £1750
  12. oh my gosh! it's very bad.
    however, does anyone know how much is a Chanel jumbo classic flap bag caviarskin in UK. now? I really want to know.

  13. £1590 :smile: xx
  14. Chanel did the same thing in the US as our currency fell a few years ago. In just one price increase an EW went from 13xx to 17xx. Now a mini is close to 2K- a mini! Now that our currency is a bit better (though I think I will take a weak dollar over the current global economy any day) Chanel hasn't really cut any of its prices. You are right-- I don't think they will. A friend mentioned that Hermes is issuing a new price incease soon too and it's a whopper.
  15. The jewelry store I bought my J12 from, I heard that the J12 has now gone up £200 !!!