UK Postal strike on top of flooding ~ delayed mail

  1. I just thought I would drop a quick note here.

    As much of the country is still under water, which is affecting services greatly. There is also a postal strike organised for tomorrow, which is expected to affect the entire country.

    People expecting items via mail from the UK, it is likely to a delay.

    Going to be interesting to see how much mail is lost during this time.

    News report below.

    A crippling national postal strike planned for Friday looks inevitable after last-ditch talks ended without agreement.

    Royal Mail officials, led by chief executive Adam Crozier, met leaders of the Communication Workers Union (CWU) on Wednesday in a bid to break a deadlocked dispute over pay and modernisation.

    The union has rejected a 2.5% pay offer and wants the Royal Mail to change its modernisation plans which it claims will lead to 40,000 job losses.

    As many as 130,000 union members are to stage a 24-hour walkout, crippling mail deliveries across the UK.
    The industry's watchdog Postwatch has urged people not to send any mail until Saturday because of the strike.

    The Royal Mail said its officials again went through the business plan with the union and explained the reality of the commercial pressures it now faced.

    A spokesman said: "Royal Mail is already losing business because we have not yet modernised and therefore our prices are higher than those that rivals are charging in the intensively competitive business mail market.''
    The spokesman said it now appeared "inevitable'' that the strike would go ahead tomorrow, although the company remained available to meet the union at any time.

    A spokesman for the CWU said: "This was another pointless meeting where Royal Mail simply rehashed its business plan which has been overwhelmingly
  2. OMG this is all I need :sad: thanks for letting us know x
  3. Hi Socialite

    Sounds like you are in the same position as I am. Again.

    I fell again and bought from the US, so waiting eagerly to see how much customs will want this time.

    Wish it would be Customs & Excise on strike and not the post. :rolleyes:
  4. hope you don't mind that I'll quote this in the LV RAOK thread :shame:

    might affect some people there too
  5. Not at all, Kittie.:tup:

    We haven't had any post for a couple of days. Odd, because we are not in the region currently affected by the flooding.

    I thought I would mention it, because, it is bound to have a knock on affect, particularly on top of the flooding.
  6. Thank you! :tup:

    wow, sounds really frustrating. I can't hardly wait 24 hrs for new mail, can't imagine having to wait for days :push:

    I just mailed something to the UK last weekend, hope it gets there ok and quick.
  7. OMG Im sooooooooo pissed off, So whilst Im off ive been shopping ALOT on eBay and ordered many things. Im expecting most of them this week. Yesturday I get a leaflet through my door saying that the Post Office has been trying to deliver Today I try and pick the item up. Low and behold, the Post Office where I live is on strike and will be closed until further notice :cursing:
  8. i think its only for today though isn't it?
  9. Pleased to say that my wonderful Balenciaga City from a great PFer arrived today in the midst of the postal strike. Apparently, special deliveries weren't affected.
  10. Yes, it did say one day.

    Just on top of the flooding etc. I think that there are going to be some delays. Along with a great deal of lost/damaged mail.

    I received a really badly packaged item a few days ago. Had it been in any amount of water it would have been totally ruined.
  11. omggggg some of my packages arrived today !! Im sooo happy. Hopefully more to come :flowers:
  12. Do you think this delays mail from the US to the UK, I have a buyer in Essex who is saying that she didnt get something I sent her on the 14th of this month via regular mail.... thanks
  13. I would definitely think that the bad flooding is going to have some affect on deliveries of mail both within the UK and from the UK to other countries.

    We had a delivery this morning, but, I am waiting for a package coming in from the US and have heard nothing so far.

    If I hear any information I will pass it on.
  14. ....hopeully it's just for one day, but they might possibly have more strike days looming:tdown: