UK postal service is great!

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  1. I just won a mini sac hl on ebay. It is coming from the UK. I have the tracking number & its already showing it left for the US. I'm impressed with how quickly the info is updated on their site! Sadly, my experiences with the USPS are not as good :sad:
  2. Wow - that is great to hear.

    My USPS experiences are also not very good.

    I hope you get your sac soon. :biggrin:
  3. yeah thats pretty impressive for usps ! congratulations !!!
  4. I agree. I have a close friend in the UK and the postal service between there and here has always been amazing (and much better than the service within Canada, where I live).
  5. Hehe. They always say the gras is greener on the other side!

    Honesly the Post Office has got better since its privatization (before it was the Royal Mail). But I still recieved my Blue Man group tickets three days after the performance!
    They can be soooo slow. "It was lost in the mail" is such common expression here.

    (I realised something was up on the day and picked them up from the venue thhat night)
  6. hey, im glad to hear that your postal expericence is going well so far!!!! keep us up to date!!!!