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  1. Anyone in London know if there are any Kusama Speedys left in Selfridges?
    Also when are the mono pieces going to be sold online?

  2. Pretty sure bond street have some! Just a short walk (ish) from selfridges :smile:
  3. I thought only the pop up store was selling Kusama at the moment?

    Wonder if City have any then....
  4. Well my SA said she could get any Kusama for me but we have a good relationship and all that, the Royal Exchange store are usually quite good for LE pieces
  5. Just checked - they do still have them in the Pop up store, other stores are getting them on 1st October. Hopefully one will still be around when I get paid!

    I love the RE store - it's my nearest one and never too busy.
  6. That's great! :biggrin: I love RE too! So quiet and calm, and the SA's aren't in your face, but the bond street apartment is just something else on a whole new level!!
  7. The LV in Selfridges has been bursting at the seams most times I've been in. Will have to try the RE one next time, I usually use the Selfridges store and I always feel the service suffers due to the amount of people in there, especially in the run up to xmas.

    I'm taking a trip to Goyard this Wednesday, do you guys know if it gets horribly busy in there at all? I only have a lunch hour to nip down and I'm based in Euston.