UK people........ Internet Providers

  1. UK TPFers who provides you internet and how do you find them?

    How much do you ay for your service?

    Any info you can give is greatly appreciated
  2. I have AOL, i think i pay around 14 pounds a month for wireless broadband.
  3. I'm on AOL too I pay almost £30 I think it sucks it goes really slow sometimes and freezes plus other things I've wanted to use with the internet it won't let me and apparently it's because of AOL (don't ask why I'm not that technical)
  4. I'm with supanet. Not sure how much we pay because my mum pays.. but it's the fastest connection they offer and it's pretty reasonably priced. I'd definately reccomend them, we've never had any problems with them!
  5. Do you have dial up? I havent really had any problems that I can think of. What kind of things are you not able to do?
  6. Im with Telewest Broadband, I dont have a clue how much we pay but It is fast. But there customer service is bad and you have to go round in circles to speak to them, It seems like every month something goes wrong such as a connection fault etc.

  7. no broadband (but not wireless)
    the main one was setting up a website I had major problems and gave up in the end when I contacted the helpdesk (for setting up the site) they said it was because of AOL
    there was something else but I can't remeber what that was now but it also cited AOL as the problem

    I've been reading reviews and going off them it seems everyone else sucks and AOL is the best
  8. I personally wouldn't touch AOL with a barge pole - it has a reputation for re-configuring your computer so there are certain applications which will not run or be supported.

    I'm with BT Broadband, I live in a flat so didn't see the point of having wireless. With my internet connection and all my phone calls I pay around £26 a month. I believe the best deals at the moment are with Sky and Orange. There is a website that compares all the internet deals, just google internet connection comparison.

    It was the easiest connection to set up and I've never yet had a problem with the connection. I couldn't tell you about their customer services as I've never had reason to call them.
  9. we have BT broadband and bought our own wireless modem. its not supper fast but we dont have any problems with it. the wireles modem is a belkin and was £20 i think.

    also dont go to orange. the offer of free broadband to orange customers is a con. its their slowest broadband thats free and my cousin has had a ton of problems with them, they disconnected him 3 times for no apparent reason.
  10. I'm with Wanadoo and they've been great so far *touch wood*. They offer really fast broadband and wireless, and I'm pretty sure it's not too expensive as my Dad always goes around comparing them!
  11. We're with Virgin and I think it's something like 10 or 15£ a month.... plus I've never had any problems with it but my fiance gets cut out of MSN every 10 mins...

    cherrypie- we were with orange (originally alcatel but they were bought up by orange) and when we wanted to change (after god knows how many years we had them) they were very unhelpful with the PUK code and they still had control of our connection via the BT phoneline which left us with no internet for a month... we chose Virgin because they were the only other company which could overide the ownership of the connection... so yeah NO to orange.!!
  12. i have virgin too (used to be telewest) and it's fine. i have the fastest one which is probably a bit excessive, but the next one down is only £10 cheaper and it's a huge amount slower so i'll keep on paying it i guess :lol:

    i've never had any trouble with customer service either, although i haven't needed to use it in about three years..
  13. I'm with pipex, £20 per months for over 7MB speed. it could proably be cheaper, but I don't want landline calls or TV channels because I wouldn'y use either. Their customer service is very good.