UK peeps! Can you help?

  1. I purchased something from a seller in UK and he/she says they sent it on July 16th via signed for mail service. I don't know how long it normally takes for a small parcel sent from UK to reach Canada but I've had parcels sent to me from Japan that I got in two to three business days so I am strating to get a little annoyed that the package is taking this long. Mind you, the seller did tell me that Royal Mail is on strike (or something along those lines). Can PFers from UK confirm that?:confused1:
  2. Hiya

    We have had loads of problems with the Postal Service in the UK for the last month or so. Yes, we have had one-day strikes each week for the last month, which has caused a backlog of parcels/letters and these are set to continue for another month at least.

    Also, we have then had floods in many parts of the UK and some post offices refused to take parcels over that time.

    That said, the floods were after 16th July so I don't know if this would have made a difference?

    I am an eBay seller in the UK and normally parcels take 3-5 days to reach overseas, but they have been taking over 2 weeks lately.

    I hope that helps?
  3. Hi, I agree with LVLorri. Everything has been so on and off, but that said, I think your parcel should be there with you by now.

    Can you not track the parcel ?, if not then give yourself a time scale of what you will wait till and then make a dispute. Sorry this happened to you :flowers:
  4. ^^ Yep completely agree.

    This week for example there have been three forms of industrial action - be it the delivery drivers or the mail centres!

    Have you checked it on parcel force - what does it say?

    I would give them the benefit of the doubt for the mo. Packages within the UK which normal arrive the next day or day after have taken longer than a week. HTH:smile:
  5. yes unfortunately the uk as a whole hasn't been functioning very well over the last few weeks so i wouldn't fret just yet !
  6. Thank you everyone! I really appreciate all your help. I messaged the seller via eBay and he/she tells me that "they will try and track the package with their local post office". Does Roayl "signed for" mail have tracking # that I can request? Thanks again!
  7. Mine was going the other way, coming from the US to here. It's was posted in the US on the 23rd and just arrived here this morning!
  8. I think "Royal Signed-For" lets you track your item at least until it is passed onto the oversea service :yes: I'd the seller ask for the 13 digit reference number, it will at least let you see that the item has been posted.
  9. I have used Royal Mail International Signed For to send things to the US a few times...most times it has been fine but on a couple of occasions there have been delays of 4-5 weeks! Your seller can give you a 13 digit reference number which you can input on the Royal Mail website but it only tracks at three points - once when it leaves the UK, once when it is "passed to overseas agent for delivery" and then finally when the parcel is signed for by the recipient. :yes:

    As well, the floods and postal strikes have disrupted things. I wouldn't worry just yet, I'm sure it will be fine - but in the meantime it is just soooo frustrating isn't it! :push:

    I got so unnerved by the whole thing that if the bag/purse I'm sending is worth more than say £400 then I only use Parcelforce Global Priority now which has express 3-4 day delivery and tracking all the way. It's expensive but so worth it for the peace of mind it gives :tup: