UK members. What happens next?

  1. I bought a bag from the US, and USPS track and confirm are saying:

    We attempted to deliver your item in GREAT BRITAIN at 10:31 PM on March 29, 2007.

    But it doesn't state what happens next. I.e. will they re-attempt to deliver, or is there somewhere to collect.

    Nothing was left through my letterbox.

    Who do I check with?
  2. If you go to the parcelforce website and enter the USPS tracking number it will give you more information.

    I will find the post I did for someone else when it was throwing an error up.

    If on the parcelforce site, it goes to a second page, and says there may be an error, just put your number into the box, tick the box on the right, I think it says tracking incoming international parcel. Ignore the date box, doesn't apply.

    It then brings up a whole load of different information.

    I will find the post!!! I hope
  3. I'm sure they should have left a card, but it doesn't surprise we that they didn't. Is there a phone no. on the website or a customer service link? I would try that. Sorry I can't be of much help - good luck.
  4. Here is the link again to that Customs related thread, not that some of us need reminding (sorry folks).

    If you need any help, just PM me, I had to fudge about with something to get the really detailed information. At first I thought it was a fluke, but I also managed it on a 2nd item.

    Think it is the 2nd post on the page below.

    What I should have said the first time. Is related to the information you are getting from USPS, I think both myself and Steve got the same message about attempted delivery, and I had told him to ignore it. If you watch later on, you will notice that it must automatically be generated by USPS when it leaves the US.
  5. Thanks found it on parcelforce track it system, but it says this:

    29-03-2007 22:31 Nottingham Central DepotAwaiting payment of charges29-03-2007 22:15 Nottingham Central DepotArrived at delivery depot

    That doesn't look good!!
  6. So they haven't attempted to deliver it. But it states its at the Nottingham depot, awaiting custom charges. Does that mean I need to contact them, to pay these before they will deliver?
  7. Fred&Ginger > They'll apply the charges, you can either ring parcelforce and ask them what the fees are and how much the fees are and if/when you can go down to pay them...
    or wait for parcelforce to send a letter, and then go and pay, takes a couple of days more :smile:
  8. I actually managed to intercept mine.

    If you ring 08700 844584 (during UK office hours) you should get to your local depot.

    I then told them I had an email that told me they had a parcel which was probably awaiting charges etc. She asked my postcode, found it immediately, then checked my surname.

    I didn't even have to give her the tracking number, so don't be fobbed off. They can trace it on the USPS number, if by any chance your postcode isn't on the documentation.

    I then asked her could I pay, she said no problem, and I paid for it.

    The letter with the charges actually arrived the following morning, so I actually managed to get it a little bit earlier than waiting for the paperwork to be issued etc.

    So, worth giving them a ring to check.
  9. Thanks again.

    From the thread you attached earlier it looks like I'm going to be paying around £60-£70 fees, as the item cost me £355 GBP.

    Its not too bad, as the item is a brand new fall/winter 06 truffle city, so its still not overpriced even with the charges.
  10. And as if by magic a letter has arrived this morning from Parcelforce, advising I must pay £83.44 in fees.
  11. Out of curiousity, what is the breakdown of the fee?

    Kittie was spot on with her maths on mine.

    We could fly to Italy for less than that ^^^

    In fact, probably get to the US to pick it up, cheaper.

  12. lol, I'm a law student :p I had classes on German tax, it's not that different :sweatdrop: The thing that irks me though is how custom fees can vary from 3% to 9% when it comes to handbags, I'd really like to see a breakdown of that :yes:

    Fred&Ginger, sorry to hear about your fees, but glad that it's still a good deal

    btw, I've gotten packages from the US and everytime it said "attempted delivery" on the tracking site without a note at my home, it always was in customs .... so I guess USPS or whatever don't really have a tracking status for "grabbed by customs, prepare to pay fees" :yucky:
  13. The breakdown was import duty £10.76, VAT £64.68, & parcelforce clearance fee £8.00. :confused1:
  14. so that would mean that they taxed you with about 3% import duty ... I wonder what the criterias are for that :shrugs:
  15. Hi Kittie

    Where are you studying in Germany?

    I only ask as my daughter was in Passau for her 3rd year.

    My German colleagues at work, always told me that German Law was based on UK law, but they also admitted they found it too complicated language wise. Which I find really strange, but you probably understand what they mean!