UK Meet - Sat May 10 2008. Starts 11.30am.

  1. The other thread about the UK meet is pretty long now and it seems some people don't know the date and time. So here it is.
    Sat May 9 2008. Meet at 11.30am outside Mulberry shop.
    Recce Mulberry shop, then lunch at Carluccios, then we descend on the Mulberry shop for serious shopping followed by coffee & cake.
    Nearer the time I'm going to send Mulberry a list of the bags we're interested in so around March I'll be asking you all for ideas of the bags you'd like to see.
    The UK meet is open to all Mulberry lovers - doesn't matter if you're a regular poster or have never posted here before. If you love Mulberry, we'd love to see you.
  2. Ok, stupid me, it's the 9th not the 10th. Sorry!
  3. I'm sure with all you enablers I won't be Mulberry free for long. Just keep me away from the Jimmy Choo shop - thats how I become distracted.
  4. OOooo,me too!!! But we will all be there to help you with your 1st Mulberry and celebrate your purchase!! How nice is that? We can all be there for each others new purchases and celebrate togther over coffee and cake!!!!
  5. Great plan! This will be a day to seriously look forward to! I love the idea of letting Mulberry know about the bags we are interested in - I imagine all of us dedicated mulberry-lovers buying everything in sight...
  6. It's definitely May 10th.
  7. Bumping this.
  8. :hysteric: May is toooooooo far away
  9. Oh don't!!! I am wavering more and more!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!
  10. Do we want to arrange one for January then???:s
  11. ^^^ Great idea in theory but I will probably be skint.
  12. I think that sounds like a brilliant idea !!!

    What around the sales time maybe :yahoo:

    We are off to euro disney in jan , but if I do miss it and it all goes well ,maybe it could become a calender event.
  13. I think its best in May,but God its going to be a hard wait!!! We have had our offer accepted on the house we want,ours has gone on today and we're scheduled for moving early Jan and I would so hate to miss it,plus for you ladies with kids who have xmas wishlists that would make Santa break out in a sweat,maybe a bit of financial recovery time might be welcome!! BUT if you push me I'll come in Jan and then we could all have ANOTHER meet in May!! But with a bit more of a social gathering in mind,when the weather is a bit warmer and not everyone will be trashing the Mulberry shop in one go!!! I will of course have another peek in,it'd be rude not to!!! Hahahahaha!!!xxxxxx
  14. lets stick to May then. Must say will be skint in january too!!! can't believe I've just spent over £100 on costumes and pj's for my 3 lads for xmas- christ it mounts up!
  15. We went a bit mad on Peppa Pig things for Sophie,God what will it be like when she actually starts asking for things????? Andy and myself usually get each other something that we know we'll really like,I can see that little indulgence coming to an end before next year!! No more bags??? fat chance,she can do without Peppa Soddin Pig!!!!:roflmfao: