UK Leeds LV

  1. I haven't visited the Leeds branch yet but is it true that Leeds is the only LV outside of London with a VIP area and that sells almost everything except the clothing.
    I thought it was a pretty small store.

    Also I haven't been to the Edinburgh one what is that like for collections & availability? Does it sell shoes, sunglasses, jewellery etc??

  2. Well, I've seen bags, luggage, accessories. I haven't seen a VIP area - its really small - but I could be behind the false wall. Or that could just be the stock room, lol!
  3. In Scotland they only have bags and shoes. My mother told me they were really nice there though.
  4. The Edinburgh store is not huge but does also sell shoes, scarves, jewellery etc - or at least I have seen the inclusion jewellery there. I've been served by various SAs who are all very pleasant and helpful - but I hadn't joined tpf then so knew a lot less & didn't ask too many questions about new lines etc!! No clothes there that I have seen but a nice store (very near Harvey Nichols, Mulberry etc so a good shopping experience can be had!) :smile:
  5. ^
    According to the it's only shoes and bags. THe inclusions and scarves are in all boutiques, it's not considered jewelry, but rather accessoires and "fancy jewelry" which is mostly in cheaper materials than what's labelled as "jewelry".
  6. Thanks for that Liberte - that makes sense as I've only seen a few inclusion items there - and the store is small so I don't think there is a VIP area. Nice staff though and they do a mail order service as well for customers if they have an item in stock.
  7. i need to go to the uk! lvs are cheaper!
  8. just fyi...the official lv website can be says the lv in tampa only has shoes, but it definitely has bags ;).