UK ladies!

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  1. I have not been able to check tPF as much recently due to being caught up with wedding venue excitement, but I have been seeing murmerings about a London meet-up in the coming months.....?

    FILL ME IIIINNNNNNNN (please!)!! I feel all left out and out of the loop LOL... it's most disconcerting :P
  2. Aww Leescah I wondered where you've been hiding and what's all this about selling your sometimes ?

    Yes, planning to have a meet up in March, potentially the 14th or 15th but just waiting to hear from everyone what is best. I personally think a Saturday works better so that the boutiques are open too
  3. Ooooo can I come too?:flowers:
  4. Of course Anna. The more the merrier !
  5. A, you mentioned something about the 14th or 21st ... is 21st still an option? I am away for a wedding up north from the 13th -15th :sad:
    Obviously if the 14th is best for everyone else then i'll come the next time everyone gets together!
  6. 21st is ok with me, but I'm not sure with Chins. She's trying to sort out dates I think

    Lets list the dates best for us all and see where we get to

    aeross 14th or 21st
    Savvy 21st

    Ladies please chime in

    Naturally the invite is open to all ladies across the world on here who are in the UK in March

  7. Do you do this quite often then? Because if so I might wait for the next one...14th is during term time for me!
  8. Well it sort of just happens really !

    It depends when the ladies further out can get into town I guess. Oh and when we can stop twisting our ankles lol ( Sara and I have both done it in the past year !)
  9. usually it occurs because something is happening like someone is in town (like when june was here!!!). i think that was the only big-scale meeting we've had. otherwise it's just been in pairs. so...really we don't have much to go on. last time (only time) there was a bunch of us was at the end of october.

    so this would really only be the 2nd ever planned UK CL meetup
  10. I suspect the more of us there are on here, the more often we'll be meeting up

  11. yeah i'd love to make it a more frequent occurrence!
  12. Me too !

    Even if it's just to try on the new styles !
  13. Are you sure about that?!!
  14. Well I'm back in the south from like the 27th March for 5 weeks....would love to meet you ladies at some point!
  15. Ahhh nooo March for me is a bit difficult, I have 3 of my best friend's birthdays in mid March (who will each have one Saturday night to do something to celebrate unless they decide to do one big group celebration as they sometimes do) and I also have 2 other things which are 'lined up' for the same dates, which I have had to put off until my friends make up their mind on their birthday celebrations!! And then I can work the other things in on the dates which aren't used up by my friends!!

    Sorry that was a bit long winded wasn't it!!!! In short, you guys should arrange whatever date works best for you and then if I can make it then I will definitely come - I should know more after I see everyone on Sat night (where I will be forcing them to make decisions LOL).