uk ladies- tax and customs

  1. Ladies

    I have found some CL's I want or infact need on the australian eBay, they are £750.00 ish, however seller states she must declare the value etc and will not mark as a gift "fare enough"

    do you know how much roughly I would get charged in customs etc via fedex or UPS?

    Is it even worth it as i know some chages can be almost price of a pair of shoes

  2. About £200+ in charges from my experience!
  3. Never had any from Aus but had 2 pairs from the US and the most I've been charged is about £50.
  4. Your so lucky! I think they love stinging me! Least I've paid is about £40 that was on a value of $100 from USA and the most I've paid was £287 on a value of $950 :tdown:
    I bought a bag from Aus the value was $1500 AUD custom charge was about £180-£200 (I think)

    ..Just for info>>>I bought my Mago's from an Aus seller but she put value as $100 AUD so I had no custom charge!

  5. Yowza! Thats enough to put me off buying abroad!
  6. wowzers, yeh i am going to leave then as they said they would put the full value :sad:
  7. You'd think that it have that affect on me! ..but nope I still get slapped with the silly stick when I see something I have to have! ..but pats self on the back! bcuz I saw a Birkin they other day from USA but soon reality checked myself with the possible custom charges on that! can you imagine :sweatdrop::-s
  8. If they are rare must haves then yep! but if you can get them here then I agree leave them!
  9. Im proud of you girl, remortgaging for a bag, no matter how fabulous, is never a good idea! :lol:
  10. :lolots:
  11. Wow, I will avoid doing this then! So hard to find classic louboutins in the Uk! I'm getting close to giving up! X
  12. Try selfridges ?
  13. I did hon, no classic style especially in my size. Pigalles are like gold dust but Bianca will be in April :smile: I'm on the waiting list x
  14. They had loads of black kid Pigalles around 14th feb a big delivery.. What colour and size are you after if I see some ill let you know.

    Bianca what colours did you wait list for?
    I really want some Ron rons in suede
  15. Oh samina thankyou! Such a sweetie! I went to bham one. I'm usually a 5 so I think a regular 38 will fit. I'm currently watching a pair on eBay, I asked girls to authenticate. There not too sure xxx