UK Ladies - Spill, please?


Apr 29, 2007
Hi ladies, I read all of your posts and honestly don't understand how you do it. With shops and outlets so readily available to you, how are you not there all the time? Sales must be like siren calls, outlets like pandora's box. :drool::drool: I personally am green with envy. :greengrin:Come clean to us poor girls, are you hiding all of your purchases in your closets. Do you have more than you admit?;) We have coach outlets here, but I'm not interested so I don't go, but I see the ladies going nutty in there, and I wonder . . . Is that you in the Mulberry shops? C'mon, let us know how you deal with the temptation?


Jan 24, 2007
I live at least 2 hours away from any Mulberry store:tdown:

The nearest Mulberries to me are in John Lewis in Peterborough and they generally have v limited stock.:crybaby:

I'm not hiding any honest ( at least not from you lot! DH hasn't seen Ledbury yet, I think that will be introduced after the 'Shepton meet' )


May 1, 2006
Or maybe when there are so many stores available it stops us becoming quite so obsessed lol!
I am lucky as I am half an hour from Central London, but most of my local department stores, and other bag retailers all sell Mulberry so in some ways, because I know the bags are available it stops me getting too crazy.
However, I have found myself going to my local shopping centre recently just to have a stroke of the raspberry maggie, and I guess because its so much better in real life, thats dangerous as if I had just seen it in the mags I may have stayed away from it :biggrin:


Nov 30, 2006
I live close to the main factory shop at Shepton Mallet, the Mulberry motherland, so it's hard not to be tempted to pop down there. I rarely miss their summer sale as it's the best although I didn't go this year! This is the sale when they seem to find bags that must have been hidden away in the back of stockrooms for yonks as there is always a bargain bucket full of old styles for ridiculously low prices.
I now pace myself with Shepton and try not to go on a whim as I know I'll come back with an impulse purchase.

old bags rule

Jul 27, 2008
I am pretty well located - only an hour to Shepton or Bicester, with my parent's place an hour from Cheshire Oaks. Sounds great but in reality I find I am tougher on myself because I could get carried away (as in over enthusiastic spending, not by the men in white coats - although my husband may beg to differ!).


Jan 31, 2008
I live in London and am 5 minutes away from my nearest Mulberry retailers (Fenwick and John Lewis) and I am 30 minutes away from thousands of Mulberry bags!!

It is hard not to be tempted. I would say I was more tempted a few years ago with the Jacquetta's, Emmy's, Phoebe's, Elgin's, etc.
Now it is all a bit...not me.


Sep 20, 2008
I'm nowhere near any of the outlets however they are just a phone call away so I wear my sensible shoes and only ever order what I really need and like, I never impulse buy as I've tended to regret it in the past!

And our local handbag store does pretty amazing discounts so I get what I can from them too.

Actually Kerilynn hit the nail on the head, since they are moving away from the classics, it could be said that their stuff is becoming less attractive to their original customer base, not sure if is the right move for them, only time will tell.
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shopping is an art
Jul 1, 2008
I don't even live near a Mulberry shop or Outlet. But I come to this forum, learn new things even get phone numbers! In less that 2 months I will be the proud owner of THREE bayswater bags! I am soooo pleased with them however. With the internet, the world is just one big mall...