UK Ladies - Matches Fashion Discounts

  1. Hi girls

    15% discount on all new shoes and bags at Matches from 16/5/07 to 20/06/07

    They have some gorgeous Louboutins at the moment, so its nice to get a little discount on brand new stock , and post and packing is free here too :yahoo:

    Just quote BS2972

    Website is
  2. Thanks SO much! I was after the Lanvin gladiator sandals!!!
  3. Hmm......just went to use it and it doesn't work
  4. Mooks, call customer services, it definitely states valid from 16/5/07. They may take your order over the phone if its easier for them to take the discount off, but thats definately the code, and it was sent to me via post today :smile:
  5. Oh so is it only phone orders? How did you get the code? I've got a Matches account card and didn't get it....hmrph!
  6. mooks, I just got a transparent card with this discount code on it, along with my latest look book catalogue in the post :smile:

    did you call them and get your pumps?
  7. oooooooooooooh! thanks chloe-babe!!! I've been coveting sooooo much o n there! hummmmmm maybe its time to treat myself....:biggrin:

    BTW, everytime I see you post, I have this mental image of Kiefer Sutherland surrounded by fabulous bags & shoes tapping away frantically on his keyboard to the TPF:biggrin: great image!:biggrin:
  8. No I didn't, tempted to wait until the sales now but will certainly be calling Matches to find out why the hell I didn't get that card.....especially as I've only just dropped £515 on two pairs of Lanvin ballet pumps in there :huh:
  9. Only just got round to calling but as it's Sunday there was no reply. I've e-mailed to ask what's going on

    chloe-babe, do you have a Matches account card?
  10. Awesome code- just tried it on my shopping basket contents and it worked:tup: didn't buy though- yet. It makes that £1050 purchase £900 more attractive:happydance: so perhaps...
  11. Now, imagine Kiefer, slipping on a pair of Louboutins, and I am pretty much done :p:heart:
  12. Thanks chloe-babe!:smile:
  13. The code is still working? I got it sent through the post, after moaning to them about not getting it, and it had a validity period
  14. Yep, its valid until the 20th June (which I think is when the actuall summer sales start ;) )
  15. I'm such a muppet! I thought it was 20th May!!!

    Hmm......maybe I'll just wait now. I'm hoping they'll still have the Lanvin gladiator sandals left but if they don't then I'm sure I'll be able to pound my account card with some other treats :yahoo: