UK ladies: going there in March 2008, where should I stay?


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Oct 7, 2006
San Francisco
Hi there all my friends in the UK -- I am heading over there in March and I'd like to stay close to my friend's flat. He lives on Tyrwhitt Road, SE4 1QD. I hope this is a safe neighborhood, I thought it would be rude to ask him that question. Are there any nice places to stay in this area? I can either stay in a chain hotel or a boutique or even an apartment.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


May 1, 2006
United Kingdom
SE4 is Brockley (near Lewisham)

a few details here for you honey

Lewisham is in greater London, but not right on the doorstep of the Centre of London, but its v easy to get to due to the tubes etc.

Im West London, so not too familiar with Lewisham but you will be fine there im sure as your friend will know the area well ;) Areas close to Lewisham, are blackheath and East Dulwich. Dulwich would be a nice place to position yourself.