UK Ladies, ALERT!! Hermes Sale in London 24-27 Jan!!!

  1. I'm not sure if this is the correct place to place this, but I just had to share with all UK TPF'ers!

    Hermes - 24 to 27 January

    Up to 80% off Hermes womenswear, menswear, accessories and homewear.

    Need we say more! 24 to 27 January (10am to 6pm) 26 South Molton Lane, London, W1K 5AB.

    Run to it! I'm gonna miss it cos I'm back in S'pore! :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  2. Hey Londondolly, Thanks for the information! Do you know if we'd need invitations to get into the sale?
  3. ^^ You do realise the initial post is from 2008, parismeow?
  4. NOOOO!!! She fooled me by bumping this.
  5. Sorry thenurse, lol! Didn't mean to be cruel :flowers:

    There usually IS a sale in January, but the details may not be the same as in 2008, and I wouldn't want anyone to be misled.

    Usually H sends out invitations and I'm sure the correct details will be posted by someone at some point.
  6. Thank you for showing me the light on this one. Sadly I already bought my ticket. And I am arriving the 30th. :p
  7. Yeah! right after I sent the message out! yikes!!! you mentioned that invitations will be send out, is the sale invitation only?
  8. sorry to bump this. but I'm not able to open a new thread.
    So , I've just heard, this year's London sample sale will be on Jan 14th (8.30-19.00) and 15th(10.00-18.00)
    the invitation says women's and men's RTW and shoes.

    I've never been to one before, does anyone know if they'll have silk scarfs and small leather items?

    If someone can post this in a new thread? I'm sure ppl will want to know :smile:
  9. The London Sale does not have anything apart from RTW and shoes, no scarves, leather goods etc

    Its a disappointing sale compared to other cities
  10. ^^Agree totally. If you are in the area, go and have a look. It is a very small room loaded with clothes and shoes. There is sometimes 1 or 2 pairs of gloves, a hat or some china. It is not worth a special trip unless you are after the RTW.

    One point, the sale is open to everyone, you dont need an invitation to get in.
  11. Hi,

    Am very new to the forum, been a reader for a while but this is my first post. Is the Hermes sale at the same location? I'm sorry if it's mentioned elsewhere. Thanks, L