UK Koh Samui Sale

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  1. Loads of Chloe on Sale at Koh Samui Covent Garden!! 40% off!! They had so many Chloes in their dustbags all aroung th shop. I saw Ediths, Paddys, Paddy shopper, Paddy tote, Paddy clutch in different colours!!

    I think they ship international!:yahoo:
  2. Thanks for posting! :flowers:

    Did you happen to see anything in 05 Grenat/Burgurndy?
  3. Hi,

    I have tried calling 011-44-020-7240 4280, and I'm getting a not correct recording. Do I have the right number? Or am I not dialing it correctly? Thanks.
  4. You need to lose the 0 in front of 020. 020 is only for local calls. For international calls, its just 207...
  5. Thank you!:smile: