UK Hermes lovers, raise your hands!!!

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  1. Waving from London, perhaps this thread can be the prequel to a London meeting in the not too distant future!
  2. Hi I am a hermes lover and just awaiting my first bag - A gold Kelly!x
  3. Would love Birkin in Black togo with P/H, in the Leeds
  4. Both hands raised! I'm in Manchester but any excuse to visit London for, ahem, cultural activities! And my credentials are a wardrobe full of scarves, shoes, an extremely worn Herbag and I'm waiting for my Kelly.
  5. Me too ,i am in preston in lancashire ,love my garden party and vintage kelly ,has anyone seen the victoria FT in toile here in uk any idea how much it is ???
  6. Hi, I am in Suffolk. Was in London a couple of weeks ago. I was lucky enough to get my first H bag from Sloane Street. My gorgeous tan Bolide!!
    Have a growing collection of scarves aswell!!!
  7. coo-eee - *waves* from the North West :dothewave:

    PS London meet would be good - also my name's down for the Paris meet next April.
  8. I must say, I hope I get my bag before the possible meet!Lol! I would like to have 1 hermes item to carry!x
  9. I live in Tokyo most of the time, but I do have a flat in South Kensington. Would you mind adopting an occasional Londoner? I will be heading to London this Sunday for three weeks.

    My love affair with H begins with a constance. I now have a few bags, scarves and cadenas.
    :dothewave:all the way from Tokyo.
  10. Of course! Welcome License to Cook!!x
  11. But of course licencetocook, the more the merrier! Actually you're kinda my neighbour as I'm just on the King's Road.

    Now how do I get on the Paris in April list? It is just a 2.5 hour train ride away!
  12. ^ dd loves King's Road. Daisy and Tom is her favourite store!
  13. Ohhh, cute. If you're bringing her too, we'll go to both D&T and Hermes!

    By the way ladies, the newly renovated Sloane Street Hermes has just re-opened and it is F-A-B!!! You walk in and this gorgeous smell hits you. Very very chic.
  14. ^ Thanks so much for the tip, Ebruo. Were you able to take a quick scan of what's in stock? I bet they have a pretty good selection at Sloane Street with the re-opening.

    Yes! Yes! Yes! dd and I will certainly be there next Monday!
  15. I leave for Madrid next Friday. My office is 5 min.s walk to the Bond Street shop or the Sloane St one is on my way home. Let me know when you're in town and have a safe trip.