Uk hermes - Kelly available

  1. Hi,

    Well, I ordered a kelly a few months back - Gold Pall Hardware, Togo, 35cm and since then I have decided to wait for the birkin bag I really want.
    I was called about it on Monday to be picked up yesterday night.

    If anyone in London wants it, just PM and I will PM you back the SA details.

    I feel a bit bad for the SA, she was so kind to order it for me, but I think if I took it, I would regret doing so.

    On another note, does anyone think if I went to the Paris Mothership, they would let me order a birkin regardless of the date I go? I know in London, there is a 2 week window for ordering twice a year.

    Many thanks


    ps I went into Selfridges and smelt the only Barenia item available - an agenda, it was divine! My H2b thought I was crazy, when I made him smell too!
  2. It´s good to wait on those you really love!
  3. Thanks, your right, I think we all get what we would like in the end!x