UK Headcount - growing! Where in UK though

  1. Hey there

    Noticed recently that we seem to be getting more and more peeps from the UK which is excellent! Feeling a bit lonely in cold Scotland though! So far I know of Siri Ann/ Estile and myself in wet Edinburgh so just wondered geographically in the UK where were you and what your main bag love is? I know some people have discovered people that have lived round the corner from them for years and only met through here - how nice.

    So here is me:

    Live in Edinburgh - Corstorphine
    Loves are Fendi (spy only) and Chloe (especially the bracelet bags)

    Maybe I have a bag twin round the corner too! hee hee
  2. Hi there
    well, I am half UK (workwise) - used to live in Southampton for 9 years (so at the other end) but since last May I am only workwise going there - (miss it)
    so maybe I don't really count but I still feel soooo attached.....

    By the way, I am a huge huge Scotland fan - if I had the choice I would move to Edinburgh tomorrow (seriously) - we went there two years ago for a conference and it is just sooo lovely.

    My bag loves are:

    well, I have said it a lot - Anya Hindmarch (anything except the picture bags)
    Also I have a thing for metallics and exotic skin bags (sorry..)

    I am excited to see who else will reply...
  3. aw Lara thats nice that you still feel attached. Good bag list to have. I have been pining for my first Chanel for a long time - want a classic flap to start with.

    Yes I love Edin too (may be bias though) even though freezing I still do get that buzz everytime I walk into town - I reckon when that fuzzy feeling goes that I should think about living somewere else.

    Yip excited too to see the replies.
  4. hi there secret and all UKers.. i live in london (its my fourth year here now!) studying here and i'm on a design degree (so very much into handbags)
    i dream to have a line of my own one day.. stumbled on this forum while researching and got hooked..

    I love deals and sample sales and i'm not really a full price person (with high-end gear)..hehe
    dunno, maybe coz i see how the industry works.. and also coz i'm a student so daddy's not very happy when i shop too much..

    I love Chloe, Chanel, Fendi (spy) like a lot of Dolce & Gabbana... and currently my eyes are set on the MiuMiu Coiffer.. I have been drooling over that one for a while now..

    And coincidently, i have been visiting edinburgh loads recently, as my boyfriend is there.. I LOVEEE IT THERE.. Soo beautiful, and kinda laidback but still very metropolitan.. London gets to me sometimes..
  5. I live in Surrey, just outside London.

    I am partial to a little bit of Chloe ;) lol!
  6. thats a bit of an understatement is it not!!!!! Chloe Guru that you are!
  7. Well, as you can see from my avatar, I live in Hertfordshire (about 25 miles from Marble Arch [which is in central London]).

    Amongst my many and varied bag loves are the older Chloe designs (especially the clutches and hobos from the Phoebe Philo era [A/W '03 - '04, in particular]) and designs from Tom Ford era YSL and Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Roberto Cavalli, Alexander McQueen, Matthew Williamson and Missoni.

    I love beautiful, characterful bags and am far more interested in the talent of the designer and the individual design, than I am in the name of the design house; or whether the bag is an 'it' bag. :biggrin:
  8. Hi !!! Im Steve Im from the UK and live in the North West...nearest place you would know is probably Liverpool. Im still in High School but I'll be leaving in 3 and a half months to go to college studing fashion.

    I ended up on this forum after searching for a bag and it came up with the purse blog and underneath the bag it said "why not join the purse forum!" so I did. To cut a long story short...I love it here !.

    I shop too much...if there is a great deal or something not to miss out on...Im there.
    My main passion is Louis Vuitton and Im a regular in manchester looking at all the new bags and shopping haha. I also like Prada and Gucci. I adore messenger bags and travel bags...I have expensive taste LOL HAHA.

    Nice to meet you all and Im glad we are getting some more members from the UK ! :flowers:
  9. aww. you guys are making me heartsick for London! We have so many friends there. We are way overdue for a visit. I am in love with England! (My DH family are Scottish - Isle of Skye.) Happy to know you all are here!
  10. awww you will have to come down but Im wayyyyyyyyy off from scotland LOL :lol: :lol:
  11. OOOOOH! im from UK too! and like steve the nearest city to me is Liverpool. I actually live on the Wirral which is just over the mersey.

    My favourtie designer is probably gucci (which may be a little obvious) and flannels has just opened up in liverpool which is selling gucci... has meant that on payday im skint again but with a nice bag and wallet :biggrin: who needs money to go in the nice wallet haha!
  12. haha ! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. Hi I am Jacqueline and I live in Central London. Bagwise I love Chloe, LV and Mulberry. I am also into football and an Arsenal season ticket holder...

    I graduated from London College of Fashion in 2002 and am currently doing a bit of freelance fashion/style writing!

    ps Gucci_girl_gg and Socialite - I have just been to Liverpool for the w/e. Paid my first visit to Cricket and also spent the evening at Babycream which I loved!
  14. hey.. i'm at LCF too!!!

  15. Oh, I love Scotland, particularly the West Coast, bagsnshoo. :yes:

    My Mum was half Scottish and I have aways felt that Scotland and the Lake District (where my Dad was from) are my spiritual homes! :heart: :heart: :heart: