[UK] Handbag Restoration/ Leather Specialist. Any experience?

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  1. Hello TPF members :smile:

    I am about to be done with exams and wanted to treat my bags spa. I also just got pre-loved Chanel online, which needs some restoration (corner and hardware pigment).

    Anyone have experiences the UK based services? So far, I have heard of
    1)Handbag Clininc (also known as furniture clinic)
    2)The Handbag Spa
    3)The Restory (previously Shinebox)

    I am not so keen with the idea to send my bags away from me, regardless my temptation to send one to leather surgeon for leather restore :sad: And scare of shipping and customs.

    Thank you :biggrin:
  2. Hi :smile:

    I've had good experience with the handbag clinic in Chelsea. I had this bag I bought vintage that had a funky smell, and they cleaned it all for me and it was perfect afterwards. They even called with updates!

    They're really nice in the store, I can't comment on their postal service but I can't imagine it's much different.

    Hope this helps. x
  3. Oh wow! Thanks for input :smile: I actually live around Victoria, so I don't think I have to post it. Does their service take long though?
  4. I think it depends on what you want doing, a full restoration may take some time but you wouldn't want them to rush it anyway. My bag clean took about a week, but that's because they had to do it twice cos the smell was that bad!
  5. thanks a bunch! I did email them for approximate pricing.
  6. I've just sent my Jimmy Choo off for a full spa with The Handbag Spa. I'll let you know how it turns out ☺️

  7. Yeah sure :smile: please let us know. I still have not taken my bag yet. I got the price quotation, and promise myself not to buy light color bags again
  8. I'm considering the same with my pre owned Chanel reissue. Have looked at the handbag spa. :smile: But I'm afraid the structure of the leather will become different...:shocked:

    Very exciting! I'm looking forward the hear. Did you take before pictures? :smile:
  9. Sadly no. I didn't think to take photos until after I sent it. The colour was very faded. The bag was originally black but it faded to grey and the edge coating was cracked almost everywhere so it needed a lot of attention.

    I'll definitely share the results though!
  10. Ok, but I'm very excited to see pics when you get it back :smile: it sounds like you'll get a new-bag-feeling :biggrin:
    The before and after pics on the website sure looks promising....
  11. Im here :smile: also waiting to see as well! I did asked and they recommend to dye the bags. So, I bought the cadillac cream to clean them myself. Will prob send them in, when it gets to the point that need professional services.

    I also decided to dye the wallet by myself as it could not be clean..