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  1. Has anyone managed to get a birkin from Manchester H? My friend has been on a wait list for 2 years and I just want to know if it is normal.:confused1:.
  2. I wish I could help you I'm so sorry I don't know....
  3. I have seen the very occasional one in store. I always post in the inventory thread if I see one.
    Never managed to get one there though. :sad:
    Has your friend ordered something unusual or is it a "standard" colour/ skin? (I know H has no "norm", but hope you know what I mean!).
  4. I haven't managed to buy one in Manchester either and I have never seen one on the shelf either.
  5. standard color
  6. Is it a standard leather, like togo, clemence etc?
  7. Has your friend called and checked on the status?
  8. yes but they r not sure whether it has gone through or not in a limbo

    After seeing all this post looks like no one has got their birkin from manchester ...
  9. yes standard leather togo/clemence
  10. I don't think there are that many UK tPFers in the North so may be tricky to get a fair idea
  11. ^^ I have a feeling that what you meant by 'wait list' is leaving your name to one of the SA and the SA would call you if there is a Birkin available for sale. Well if that is the case, it is unlikely that you friend would ever get a call unless he or she visits the store regularly to see if there's order cancellations, etc. I am guessing this because my friend has the same problem. She said she's been on the wait list for 3 years for a very normal Birkin bag.....
  12. Manchester is my "local" store, and the only Birkin I have ever seen on the shelves was a travel Birkin that they had for some time a while ago.

    They have a few Kellys in at the moment, but never seen a Birkin on the shelves, like I have in London. Although Manchester is, as far as I'm aware, the smallest store in the UK, so I would guess they have a proportionately smaller inventory than say Sloane St. :yes:
  13. I have seen a couple on the shelves - most recently a saffron croc 30 PHW about a week or so before Xmas and a vert fonce 35 PHW about 2 weeks before xmas. They are pretty few and far between though and I always make a point of posting in the inventory thread as I know how rare such sightings are. I have seen 4 that I can think of off hand in the last year, but I do go past every day.

    Unfortunately loveclemence, this seems to be the general consensus with the Manchester store. I have never had a call from them. I eventually went elsewhere. I have even since seen Kellys with the full specs I requested on the shelf and still never had the call. This was despite a) going through the full order process - leatherbook and all and b) they know me well as I am forever in there!!

    Luckily I found what I wanted in other stores and my need for my Kelly order has been overtaken. As far as I know though, I am still "on the list"!
  14. looks like i will also have to look elsewhere for my bikin guarantee i will get mine here as well .What is the point in buying anything else then??
  15. ^^ Uma sometimes buying anything else would help you getting a birkin or kelly or other unusual bags on the spot when you visit the store. In my experience, it will not guarantee you getting a phone call from them when your order has arrived. Again, this might not apply all the time to all individuals.