UK Floods ~ Checking on you all

  1. I'm hoping it doesn't affect my trip next week to see my fiance in Reading :sad:

    We're in Bristol which is pretty high up but the county next to us (Gloucestshire) is like completley underwater.
  2. i live in london, everything seems to be ok soo far! (fingers crossed!) hrm i m going to bicester village on wednesday, hope the weather is gona be ok!
  3. I'm in the south west which has been hardest hit. One town, Tewkesbury, is completely cut off by water and has been turned into an island.
    Swindon was badly hit and friends of ours were flooded. Total irony was they had just had new carpets fitted through the house the day before the floods!
    The River Avon flows through the town where I live and the flood plain was deluged - I've never seen it so bad. The football field, alongside the river, was so deep that one guy turned up with a dinghy with an outboard motor and was sailing around it!
    The problem now is the water making its way to the sea and flooding towns on its way such as Oxford.
    Everyone is just keeping everything crossed for a few dry days which will help the floodwater levels drop. What a summer!!
  4. Summer????!!!! I don't remember what that is!!!!

    Actually the sun is out in the South today but I'm sure the rain will be back tomorrow.

    I normally love this country but right now I would consider moving to Oz or the US!

    I must check in with my friends in Swindon to see if they are okay - they have just decorated downstairs too!