UK Floods ~ Checking on you all

  1. Keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers, so much of the UK is now affected.

    Let us know you are OK if you are near the affected areas.

    Hoping that they manage to stop the Gloucester sub-station problem, otherwise 1/2 million people will lose power.

    The Government has insisted that emergency workers have the resources they need, as large pockets of central and southern England remained under water.
    Scores of people were forced to spend a second night in temporary shelter after a month's worth of rain fell in a few hours, flooding their homes.

    The floods, which have begun to recede in some areas, caused massive tailbacks of stranded motorists on the M5 around Gloucestershire on Saturday at the start of the holiday season. The Highways Agency said the only main road that remained shut was the A49. Two sections of the road are closed, one near Hereford and the other near Leominster, Herefordshire.
    Train services look set to continue to be disrupted by the damage in the coming days.

    Police are investigating the possibility that the bad weather may have contributed to a collision which killed a 23-year-old driver. Amith Singh Dhaliwal, from Wolverhampton, was pronounced dead at the scene on the A449 in Caunsall, near Kidderminster, Worcestershire, just before midday on Saturday. Police said the area was very wet.

    The massive operation over the weekend saw RAF and Coastguard helicopters winch stranded people to safety and others rescued by lifeboat crews and ordinary members of the public.

    Environment Secretary Hilary Benn has brushed off suggestions that armed forces overstretch meant there were not enough troops available to help deal with the crisis.

    Speaking on BBC News 24 Sunday, he said he had full confidence in the Environment Agency, which has come in for criticism for not getting flood defences in place in time to save towns from being flooded. Mr Benn insisted that military help was available to local authorities and emergency services dealing with the floods.

    Provision of sandbags to householders under threat of flooding was not primarily a responsibility of the Army, but of local authorities, he pointed out. "There are military liaison officers in the Gold Command and the Gold Command officer in charge can call upon the Army and those resources will be provided," he said.
    "That is why I asked the question yesterday 'Have you got the resources that you need?' So far, the answer I have been given is 'Yes, we have and we are doing our best to cope with the difficult circumstances'."
  2. oh wow, thats scary! Hope all the UK tPFers can check in and let us know theyre fine!

  3. Good here ta. It was manic on friday though, didn't finish work til 9pm and then had to walk 3 miles home as most of the roads were closed or flooded, so was a waste of time even trying to drive home. Where I am we had nearly 4 inches of rain, a whole months rainfall in one day.

    Just about to set off down south for a 3 day course so will be offline for a few days.
  4. Hope you all are alright!! Remember, don't drive your cars on any roads that have standing water on them - you never know how deep it is. It doesn't take much water to sweep you and your car away
  5. Hope you don't have any problems on your journey.

    It is unbelievable isn't it?

    Looks like there is still more to come.

    Stay safe :heart:
  6. Be careful ladies (and gents) - looks like there's going to be some more serious rain tomorrow. Also, peeps in France will be getting some heavy falls.

    Just watching Sky News now, I didn't realise how bad it's been. I'm just over the canal and we haven't had anything like this.

    Stay safe :flowers:
  7. I'm in the North of England and so far the rain's been bad but everything else is OK
  8. Wow. I keep missing these reports on CNN, etc. My son is traveling there now, and is in Paris for the next day or so. He's grown, but do you ever stop worrying about your children? :sad:

    We hope this doesn't affect some of the ones on here, who may be fleeing from all this and who cannot report in. You'll be in our thoughts. :heart:
  9. me too but my house stands right at the top of a steep hill. sleep over anyone?
    hope everyone is OK. they just showed a care home on the news and a woman who was 101 years old was laughing about it! she thought it was the most fun thing that had happened in years!
  10. Hope all tpfers in the UK are OK.
  11. I'm right down on the South Coast so luckily the rain (so far) hasn't been that bad down here - although you would think it would be worse with the Sea.

    We get a little bashed by strong waves and the wind can be horrific but luckily, trees are still standing and we're not flooded or anything - YET!

    Love to you all in the North - hope you are all keeping dry'ish'.
  12. I just saw footage on tv this morning! Scary. My cousins are on the south coast as well and they have reported they are ok too.
  13. It makes for scary watching for sure, its so sad. Oxford is 40 miles from here, but they appear to be really suffering at the moment, and if, as predicted we get more wet weather later, I fear it will only get worse.

    Just outside London here is fine at the moment, thanks for thinking of us all!
  14. Just listening to the new now - Oxfordshire is under 2 feet of water and it is set to rise overnight.

    The flooded Power Station has been switched off and people are having to get drinking water from a big communal tank in the street.

    Residents in Resting Homes have been evacuated to Oxford Football Ground by coaches.

    The local farms are really suffering as all the crops are under water and on one farm the farmer said that the sheep were floating about - it sounds funny, but I'm sure its not, it will cost them a lot because they can't harvest any crops and they may lose cattle and animals.

    I feel to everybody in Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire and hope that everybody is safe.
  15. It's all good up North with me thanks :smile: We've had loads of rain, but it never stops raining in Manchester anyway :p

    I hope that everyone in Oxford and Gloucestershire are staying safe and warm and just praying that you get clean water supplies and electricity back on soon.

    Looking at those aerial photos today it reminded me of those reports a while back the ones that were like "In 20 years time Global warming will cause this.... (insert diagram of flooded England) but now it's actually happening and those photos are for real it's pretty scary. I can't imagine how horrible it must be like for those people at the moment.