UK (& Europe) tpfer's do you feel left out?

  1. By LV, you seem to have it better in the States, more information & earlier. Free Le Catalogues, gifts & lots of parties.

    Yes we have Christmas parties but I want a trunk show! No seasonal catalogue for me yet? And Le Catalogue is £7 (approx $14) they won't give it free :sad: is it just me or can anyone relate??
  2. Aww I'm Sorry! That really doesn't seem fair! :sad:
  3. well Australians get the newest items LAST! we don't get all of the seasonal/limited items either. if i want something in particular, they have to order it in from Hong Kong.... if they agree.
  4. I thought it was just my state that was last.
  5. hang in there guys..I am sure they will catch up..
  6. My friends who live and Europe (UK Sweden The Nederlands Belgium and Russia) and lvoe LV all think we have it better to. Except for Karen in London, none of them can buy online. THAT SUCKS!
  7. Don't feel bad. Things are much worse here - last to get everything, the info number knows NOTHING when you ring up so can't find out release dates or anything, might get a free seasonal catalogue if I nag and nag and can't order anything from online.:sad:
  8. Don't feel too bad, things are too updated in Singapore as well, we are on HongKong's tail... >.< ;p

    Sometimes not even the LE reaches us, a good example would be the Trompe L'Oeil. I had to get my Trompe pochette from HK instead of Singapore because they NEVER sent any Singapore's way.
    Also, we are pretty slow on new stuff too so don;t feel bad. :smile:
  9. :sweatdrop: I am NOT alone...
  10. Australia is very bad.
    At least in Sydney we have 2 LV stores, but it seems we dont get alot of limited/seasonal items and always have to be on a waitlist', and limited items are always "delayed" (i'm waitlisted for the rivet, and it's delayed.. i'm not holding my breath on that one, or any other ltd items that are to come, and with the pomme du amour heart purse, i'll probably get that at the very end, way past valentines, or not at all coz they didn;t order enough... ahhaha)

    The current waitlist for an Azur Speedy 30 is 30 ppl.. and they don't know when stock is coming.

    Basically, Australia gets all new items last (and very limited in supply) and we are VERY Expensive. It probably be cheaper if we bought off eBay, even with the mark ups hahahha

    I think we pay at least 1.3x what the US pays for your LVs.
    But at least we're cheaper that Japan (which is why the Japanese tourist buys our LVs, even though we're exxy!!!)

    All the above is especially true with Chanel.. but i won't go into that...
  11. That is so TRUE:sad: They don't even have the look book at my store:s
  12. I feel VERY left out. No store here+Elux won´t ship here. Although I heard a little birdie say maybe we´ll get a store by the end of this year. Who knows.
  13. Luckily, we have a store in Sweden - and very nice & helpfull staff - but they do get their info very late. Often I read about new releases or items on tPF and when I call them, they don't have a clue. So trying to waitlist for items early is not possible. And they don't even get all LE items, or very, very few. Oh, how I wish would sell online to all countries!!!
  14. In Italy we cannot buy online, the catalogue costs &#8364;10, we are the last in everything... and the courious is that we are very near to France!!!!!!!!
    :heart: Stephanie.
  15. Not really... I got my Azur Speedy w/out waitlisting lol
    :wlae: Seems as if it's really hard to get one in the US...
    I got my catalogue for free and from time to time I get sth. in the mail. Can't complain :shrugs: