1. Good luck percephonie. She's a beauty.:love:
  2. goodluck F sweetie...;) :nuts:
  3. Thank you!! I was really excited when I got her but don't think the colour is for me unfortunately. Hope someone can give her more love ;)
  4. its a lovely bag! i hope u win!!
  5. Wow I want this sooooo badly... I just can't afford the $300-400 in duties Canadian customs will charge me since this bag is shipping from the UK...booo
    :crybaby: It's my dream bag

    I hope someone who really really loves it wins the auction!
  6. All these great yellows everyone has been selling. Theyre lovely. I'm a pink girl and thats whats mostly in my wardrobe, so this would sooo not match! Good luck on your sale!
  7. I don't own much that would go with Yellow either, but I would MAKE this work!!!! Work it, girl ... :love:
  8. Oh wow. I was gutted when I saw the Marigold that didn't ship to the UK and now I see this one. I really shouldn't...... let's see if my restraint holds out for the whole 5 days!!!
  9. the yellow is beautiful.. but for a classique size? hmm..
  10. I can't stop staring at this :crybaby: