UK Chloe Girls - Bag Club - come join!!

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  1. :yahoo:you have probably seen me in selfridges running between chloe and balenciaga drooling, welcome!
  2. I love those balenciaga bags in Selfridges, so many pretty colours!! It's bad enough trying to fund my chloe obsession, and then selfridges dangle these balenciags under my nose, how can I resist? :shrugs:
  3. exactly, i'm becoming obssesed with both
  4. Can anybody please help me in my search for a Moka Bay?

    I phoned Sloane Street store this afternoon to ask if the Bay bag was still available and the SA was NOT helpful!

    She told me that they "didn't really have any left over for sale last season but that one of the other stockists may have had some left over that are available" ??? what????

    All I wanted to know is whether Chloe still stock the Bay bag? or if it is now discontinued because it was last season's bag so I would have to take my chances on eBay.

    Does anybody know if Selfridges etc would have a Moka Bay for sale? Are they still available? Preferably a Hobo or Messenger one but I like the Quilted one too.

  5. *waving at Ali* hello .. Sorry i cannot answer you question - hopefully someone will be along who can!
  6. Hey UK ladies :heart:

    If any of you are in Scotland and want the saskia clutch, there is a beautiful silver and python one in the Cruise outlet at McArthur Glen (I think I spelt it right). It's 325 pounds from memory, but I'm not 100% sure of that - there were a few pretty bags I was drooling over! :P

    I would have taken a photo but my fiance had just bought tons of sports wear so the SAs were frowning at our sports store bags and following us around a little. Guess we didn't look posh enough to be there! :roflmfao:
  7. qwerty234 - Brilliant - glad you got there - and they sometimes do have some great bags in there - they must have known you were coming!:nuts:

  8. I nearly had to miss out on the trip, luckily there was a last minute change of plans and I got to spend a while wandering around Cruise in a state of bliss! So many pretty things to drool over :roflmfao:

    There were some good bags, but none I HAD to have...much to my man's relief, we are using up the holiday money faster than we thought! Going to the outlet stores didn't help :P

    Should add - thanks to Lescoy for mentioning that I should go there - some good bargains to be found there ladies!
  9. qwerty234 - I haven't been for a few months - last time they were low on bags and shoes TBH. Its amazing what turns up in there - they've had Zagliani bags, now I'm not into snake - but OMG those are stunning:drool: Hey - you'll have to find a part-time job when you are here - to pay for the excesses:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. Haha, I've actually been looking at jobs!:nuts: I have to go back to Oz soon though - would rather sightsee and just spend all my money having fun than worry about working.

    They had some nice bags there with snake skin - I was stroking a giant red snakeskin clutch - feels so different on a bag than on a snake. I don't know who made a lot of the bags - although I recognised a few gucccis and a Dolce and Gabana one. Crusie was a really nice place to visit - more relaxed than Harrods was. But Harrods :faint: absolute heaven, all these designer bags side by side....I had to step outside for some air! :roflmfao:
  11. I'm going there tomorro!! Will have to have a look at what they've got but tbh i'm pretty broke at the minute! x
  12. You dont know how jealous i am, getting to see all those pythons just sitting there. Waiting to be bought. I'd be swiping that credit card faster than DH could tell me to step away from the bags.
  13. Oops!! Im infiltrating aren't i? :ninja:
  14. Haha, I sure don't mind! Although I'm not 100% British myself...I've moved over to the sun in Oz! :P

    Toothfairy4, do let us know if you see any other great bags - you might know more about the style names than I do :sweatdrop:

    When I walked past cruise on the way out, they had re-arranged the shop - so they may have got some new bags in? I wasn't allowed to go in and see for a second time of course - was dragged away by my man :roflmfao:
  15. lol! I went into cruise today - the saskia silver python clutch is still there as well as some gucci clutches, they didnt have much in tbh. Had a massive red gucci snakeskin bag in the window for £675 reduced from about £1200 i think, don't know the style name or anything sorry! xx