UK Chloe Girls - Bag Club - come join!!

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  1. oooh so lovely love the color !!!!!:heart::heart:what style is it (Newbie) :Pu see
  2. ^^^ I don't know what the style is called but it's a variation on the classic Paddington. I'll call it "Strappy Paddy" until someone lets me in on the official name lol! :nuts:
  3. US intruder alert!! :P Sorry girls, bored and being nosy... Just FYI, this same style strappy paddy is on FINDS in black (at Saks) and a gorgeous Mikimoto (on ebay), both tote style. These have been almost non-existent in the US for some reason. They are gorgeous! The light grey Mikimoto is TDF.
  4. quick security us intruder alert!!!!! ^^^
  5. ^^^ LOL.

    I have always wanted to visit the US.
  6. Me too, i love the way EM posts, i can just ''hear'' the accent y'all, wicked, i love it
  7. Well, if YA'LL would just come to Texas, I can teach YA'LL how to talk proper! :roflmfao:
  8. ^ i'd be there in a flash, better than grey dirty london
  9. :roflmfao:.. That would be totally fab! I just cannot get dolly parton out of my head now PMSL
  10. i love the way you all talk there, i was just saying the other day to BF after watching a program with people from there i would love to talk like that. here in hampshire in the uk i dont think we have an accent, i would love one!!!
  11. b*m*b did you win the small black betty? :heart:
    Do you still have the cute pewter one?
  12. ^^^^ yep!!!!! very very excited!!!
    pewter one has to go now!
  13. Congrats can't wait for modeling pics:tup:
  14. its one of my HG,n ive always wanted a black betty, the small is a fab size for me to!
  15. Hi everyone! :smile: Newbie and a Londoner here - well not technically a Londoner, but I work in London, dangerously close to all the good Chloe stockists...Selfridges, Harrods, Harvey Nics...its Chloe heaven!! Although my poor credit card is suffering at the thought, espcially as I'm currently eyeing up a rosewood paddy in Selfridges and I'm so tempted to buy it I love the colour!! :love: