UK Chloe Girls - Bag Club - come join!!

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  1. you can see hes in a grump,
  2. yup - he does look a little put out LOL
  3. I saw the most scrumptious choc paddy today and fell in love with it all over again.
  4. the choco is beautiful!
  5. He's so cute, such nice colouring, its so funny when they sulk lol

  6. when i started wanting a dog i said i wanted a black and tan jack russell!
    i searched high and low for him and finally found a family in the middle wales that had two pups. it was a long drive from hampshire, but we were so pleased we went and got him, hes my baby, i love him to pieces!! trouble is he likes to be center of attention!
    when i ve got a bigger place i plan to get him a little friend to keep him company.

  7. definately! i would love another dog to keep mine company but can't at the moment, one day i will win that argument lol
  8. lol....
  9. He's really cute - looks like a little Dobe. He looks like butter wouldn't melt.............
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    Ahhh what a cutie!!! He is adorable :heart:

    What does he think of this awful weather? It's a struggle to get my boy out the door for his walks but once he's out and he sees the big puddles he is in his element - my JR is a massive fan of swimming!:biggrin:
  11. oh mine to, loves water and the mud, goes mad for it!
  12. And where are the pics of this little man then? :woohoo:
  13. a few posts back.
  14. Why is it that tPF UK Clubs tend to talk al lot about pets?

    I had always heard Brits were mad about their pets, but it is true even here!

    (No need to say i love the UK and people from the UK - as some of you have noticed... have tried twice to join UK clubs, but all my efforts have been to no avail)
  15. Ahhhh Maria - you are more than welcome here, I'll adopt you as a Brit for the purpose of this thread....:graucho: Although I just noticed a "non-UK" thread has been started so maybe you won't need us now! lol!