UK Chloe Girls - Bag Club - come join!!

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  1. Sure! In the Mediterranean, in summer, there are LOTS of german people...and french, and british...and some spanish ones...
  2. And why do you call him Gómez :confused1:? It´s a very usual surname in Spain :smile:...
  3. scarcici - well, its Morticia and Gomez Addams - and their idyllic children - Wednesday, Pugsley and Pubert - you need to keep up with the pretence girl!!:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  4. #214 Sep 5, 2008
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2008
    When I was young ( more than a million years :roflmfao:...) I used to watch in TV the "Addams", but I didn´t remember...I need to have some medication pills :roflmfao:.
    Anyway, I think in the spanish version his name was other:confused1:...
    I remembered I loved grandfather, great!
  5. A wire coated Jack Russell ;) Imagine what went through my Mum's mind for a split second!!!:wtf:
  6. Hi Scarcici :heart: I love visiting Spain - we tend to stay at a friends place in La Duquesa - near Estepona, Marbella & Pto.Banus. Love it! :tup:

    Well it hasn't stopped raining here all day long! And tomorrow it's gonna get worse they tell us!...Gales and more and more rain! :Push:
  7. lol, why is it we always find their treasures when they are stale and moldy, he's loves a bit of 2 week old pizza
  8. My dog will eat anything - when he was a puppy he ate 3 sky remotes and a mobile phone ( our fault for leaving them out). He's almost grown out of that stage thankfully but yesterday he got my makeup bag out of my purse and chewed up about 8 lipsticks. Can you picture a Dobe with various coloured lipsticks smeared round his face ? I was not happy but thankfully my bag survived.
  9. ^^^ lol! He must have looked so pretty! :kiss:
  10. Yes he's a proper clown alright!
  11. Anybody made any purchases yet this month?
  12. wow what a kodak moment :roflmfao:
  13. is your jack a nutter? i used to have one, she ate bars of soap, packets of tropical fish food, pine cones and once she stole a whole bag of dries birds eye chillis and ate the lot whilst i was out, crazy pup she was
  14. lol
    my little jack was a night mare, chewed mobile phones remote controls, ugg boots, most of my shoes, the carpet anything really.... and yes lipstick moment has happened to him to!
    hes quite good now, very distructive though i give him old teddys from charity shops and old shoes to chew and he gets all his chew urges out on them!

    here he is he hates it when i take pics of my bags, hes such want to have all the attention!

    he is a complete nutter, he can be calm then just start running flat out round the place! hes such a happy little boy though!
  15. What a fab pic BMB... gorgeous collection of chloes and your doggie is just fab!
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