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  1. Haha! My doggy does things like that occasionally! He hid an overcooked jumbo sausage under the pillow in the guest mother was was most shocked to find that there when she came to stay! lol!:lol:
  2. Von - yes.. i think dogs are probably safer when it comes to hauling in dead animals! My 2 cats would go mental if i made them stay inside... Scamper was housebound for 1 week when he had a sore paw. Lets just say the 7th day was not pretty for my husband.
  3. Thanks darling :heart: !
    Have you spent any vacations days in Spain? Where :confused1:...?
    OMG :nuts:! This is going to be my 666 post, the devil :faint::roflmfao:...
  4. ILoveMyBug - Well, the rain has stayed off so far - its windy - but it looks ominous.

    I just managed to get the second last room at the Best Western for that show in November - God - she said it was full - and I gulped - but I said to her there should be a 'block' for the Show - and there was! Thank God - its always good if you get in the same Hotel as the judges - several of them are guys - who are 'gay' and they are really funny to watch - Pascal with his silver Bikkenberg trainers - very smart:graucho:

  5. I was in Moraira this July - lovely and sunny :heart:

    Quick post again!! Get to 667 :sweatdrop:
  6. Rascalcat - The Bengal would decimate the wildlife. As for the Sibis - the would be just as bad - although Kirov is a wimp. :yes: They've never been allowed outside - so they don't seek to go outside - they love the fresh air wafting in from the windows - but thats it - the squirrels in the garden come right up to the patio and just sit there and basically wave at the cats - its like 'na na na you can't get us':roflmfao::roflmfao:
  7. Sounds hilarious! I presume your hubby is going to be there? If he is, and we do manage to come along, please don't mention photography, or cameras or anything related within my OH's earshot!
  8. LOL - i can imagine it now! Squirrels with attitude :supacool:
  9. ILoveMyBug - it can be funny! Yes Gomez will be there - I'll warn him! Actually I've just remembered - I've a booking at a Hotel at the NEC in Birmingham for that weekend - as we were going to go to the Supreme which is the UK Cat Fancy Show - but I'm not - so I must remember to cancel it! I've decided I'm out to amass points for the kitten - in the hope that he can get Europe North Best Sibi. So - I'll need to be really lucky - and make sure this nutty Bengal doesn't pierce his ears:wtf:
  10. RascalCat - Honestly - you should see them - its like they sit there and laugh. Its priceless. Kirov just sits and yawns - hey-I'm too intelligent to be wound up - yeh right:P
  11. I have never been in the Mediterranean coast :nogood:, only in Girona in the north, very closed to France...But I think it´s a nice place to spend some days :rolleyes:...
  12. Lescoy, I have a little question for you :confused1:: Who is Gómez :confused1:...?
  13. It was lovely, though we spoke to a guy who ran a bar out there who said that the area was 25% Brits and an even higher percentage of Germans, so I wouldn't say I experienced the real Spain!
  14. scarcici - Why my dear - he's Morticias beloved:heart:

  15. So many things going through my head at the moment! :roflmfao:
    What type of dog do you have?