UK Chloe Girls - Bag Club - come join!!

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  1. OK - so for some strange reason there hasn't ever been a UK Chloe Girls Club - so here it is - come join us - and 'dish the dirt' - tell us where you are, what you are interested in and what you are 'lusting' after - that of course means bags - and even though it isn't 'Chloe' - you can tell us - we won't mind - we may send the 'heavies' round........but hey it beats having a dull day:roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Lets be hearing from you:yes:
  2. OH, and as a starter - here is a fabulous bag - and I LOVE it - not 'Chloe' but ..................:drool:

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  3. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
    I´m going to go to the british embassy and ask for nationality :wtf:...
  4. scarcici - just wait till mariabdc catches on:nuts:
  5. I have British citizenship, does that count? :nuts:
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    hi Lescoy!
    Well, am a mulberry girl but have been hopping round the chloe forum today admiring the gorgeous chloe bags! The paddingtons are just fab!
  7. Here I am...
    Since mentioning bake beans, marmite and quorn as a token of respect for British so-called gastronomy hasnt been successful so far in the bal subforum, i will now mention a BSc in Genetics and Micro (2.1) from Leeds Uni... Does it qualify?
    Otherwise, scarcici and i will have to start our fun mini-Spanish Chloe Girls - Bag Club...
  8. Maria...Baked beans...:confused1: ? I love them, since more than 20 years ago, when I spent two summers in Ireland...
    Anyway, I prefer Spanish omelette...:roflmfao:.
  9. I am going to come and join because I am british, just working in a america for a while( well has been three years so far, but I always plan to go back:smile:
  10. I'm in the UK club am in the west country
  11. Hi girls, I'm in Bristol. And looking forward to the new Cabot Circus shopping centre to open in September:yahoo:
  12. :lol: You are funny Maria! Marmite would have won me over - I love the stuff! Not so keen on baked beans or quorn though! :yucky:

    Well I'm a long-time Chloe fan and live in the East Midlands so I'll join up :woohoo:

    Haven't bought a Chloe in a while (3 months :sweatdrop:) but I have my eye on a lovely red Saskia in Selfridges and I am eagerly awaiting the Paraty too...can't wait to see that one IRL :heart:
  13. im in the UK and i am stating to really want a plexi lock paddy in white!
  14. Hi Rascalcat

    I was Mulberrygirl too but went to Chloe and then Balenciaga. I have just moved in the opposite direction to you and have been prowling round the Mulberry Forum recently.

    I have just bought a Mulberry Mabel but I rather want a medium or small Chloe Betty (but not one in python or patent though).
  15. PS - I didn't have a stroller even when I was in the right age group.