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  1. Hi my UK ladies, where are you guys. I've seen no updates for the UK in a while so I thought I'd do the honours.

    After searching high and low for a brown expandable tote and nearly ordering one from Paris, the expandables have finally come to the UK. They have brown, black and white expandable flaps at Brompton Road Chanel and Bond Street. The price has increased however from Spring Summer £1240 to £1330 (ouch!). They also have the black expandable tote at Brompton Road which is lovely IRL and a perfect alternative to the GST (if you find it too boxy), they had just sold out of the red expandable tote.

    They also have the bubble quilts in flap and tote form and the Sharpey's however each boutique seems to be carrying a different colour selection. Brompton Road has chocolate brown and Sloane Street has light brown.

    Harrods has a Brown lambskin jumbo with classic chain and MM lock for £1340 and black baby cabas.

    Brompton Road has the new glazed calfskin Modern Chain totes in Brown and Black EW size. The chain however seemed pretty heavy on these compared to last season.

    My SA also phoned me this morning to let me know that they have the light silver re-issue in 226 size for £1170. If anyone is interested.

    Brompton Road also had a gorgeous madsion flap in red and the luxury tote bag in red too.

    Keep posting ladies if you spot anything else.
  2. Selfridge Chanel has black expandables, some pocket in the city, E/W size reissues, class flaps, new quilted bubble flap in E/W size, GST w/ gold hardware, and some cute flats and pumps on stock.
    They still have couple of bags on sale for 30% off.
  3. Hiya! This is fantastic info, thanks for posting it up. Do you know if they have stock of the timeless clutch?
  4. This is absolutely fantabulous...thanx Syma do let us know more :smile:

    I wanted to know more about the sharpey bag if anyone could help me out...what are the sizes and pricing? I love the sharpey with the frame.
  5. I've seen two sizes for the Sharpey, small and large tote in black and dark brown in the shops. It is the softest lambskin I've come across, Retail starts at around £1500+ for the large size. I'm sorry I haven't seen the frame bag yet.
  6. Hey Syma
    u are superb!!!!!!! Thanks for always writing these thread for us Brits, I really appreciate it.
    Ive been rushing all over the place and in 14 days travelling, 3 return UK flights, I have only had 2 days in London basically coming home, eating with my family and repacking to leave!
    Has anyone seen a PNY pleated pouch from last season anywhere? or a Baby Cabas in Khaki?
  7. ^ Hey Chanel baby, no probs. Sorry I have not seen any PNY pouches or Khaki Cabas's but that not to say that they aren't available. I'm sure the boutiques at the moment are pushing all the new season stuff so there are sharpeys, expandables, bubble quilts and washed caviar jumbos galore at the moment. If you call Bond Street and give them the style no they can usually check on their computers if there is any stock in the UK. Good Luck.
  8. Thanks Syma
  9. Hie TPFers.. I'm looking for a medium / jumbo cavier flap, as well as a black PTT with ghw & is wondering if anyone knows about the availability & the colours available at the moment.? Do they have anything other than black & beige.?

  10. Hi, I think you'll get better luck if you ask the UK ladies in this thread
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