UK Chanel HEATHROW Prices and Stock

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    Hi chanel lovers,

    any idea if it's cheaper to buy chanel from Heathrow airport? is it tax free for visitors?? i'll be visiting London/Liverpool and HK soon, hoping to score something there.

    thanks in advance.
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  2. I think it is cheaper in London than HK because I bought a Chanel tote for my cousin several years ago in London and the prices for that bag in HK was around $2000HKD more expensive at that time. If you are a visitor in London, you can get around 10% tax refund. At Heathrow airport, you can get 15% because there is no adminstration charge, this will apply for any passengers at Heathrow (EU residents or visitors). However, I think you can only find Chanel store at Heathrow Terminal 3, there are 4 terminals in total. Although it is cheaper to buy Chanel at Heathrow than in other Chanel stores in London, you will have to take the risk if that item you want is not in stock in Heathrow.

    Final point, because the exchange rate for Pounds is so strong now, I am not 100% guarantee that Chanel is cheaper than HK. Any chance that you will go to Paris, may be for a day? It only take 3 hrs on Eurostar from Central London to Central Paris. Chanel in Paris is around 10% cheaper than UK. Hope this helps.
  3. Hi Londoner,
    Thank you so much for the info!!!
    Fingers crossed now :smile: hope they have what I want.
    The problem with my iternary is that I'll land in London by SQ (is it terminal 3??) & immediately transported to liverpool. I have never been to liverpool, any idea if there is a train I can take to Paris from liverpool? The last I was in London, I sticked to the tube, the different train operators got me all confused. Wondering if it's possible to do a paris turn in a day.

    Hope I don't sound too crazy all for the love of chanel :blush:
  4. Hi leeleelee,

    SQ, is that Singapore Airline? If yes, I think they arrive and depart from Terminal3. I think you can take coach to Liverpool.
    I think you can get the coach ticket when you arrived at Heathrow. Not sure if it is cheaper to buy tickets in advance from the internet. You can go to Liverpool by train, but it might be more complicate because you will have to take the tube to Euston Station and then trains to Liverpool, if you go by coach, they will take you directly from Heathrow to Liverpool.

    Will you be staying or shopping in London? I don't think there is Chanel in Liverpool. Chanel at Terminal 3 is situated in the Tax Free shopping area, so you won't be able to shop there until you enter the departure area. That's why I said, if they don't have the stuff you want at Terminal 3, you won't be able to shop at other Chanel then. You know what I mean?

    Only London has direct train to Paris city centre. You can always take budget airlines from Liverpool to Paris, e.g. There might be other choices of airlines. However, not sure how much it will cost and I think the journey time is around 1.5-2hrs by flight, so you will have several hours to shop if you go there for a day.

    You will have to work out the cost of tickets to Paris (flight + airport transfer), it might not worth to go to Paris for a day if you just want to buy 1 bag. However, it’s your choice as you might want to do some sight seeing too.

    If you are going to use the London tube, I will advise you to get a Oyster card. It is a prepaid card like the HK system (Octopus). This is cheaper than buying paper tickets each time.

    One final point, make sure you fill in a tax refund form before you leave the shop after each purchase.

    Good luck. Any more questions, let me know.
  5. SQ is at Terminal 3 at Heathrow. Madhouse there, especially on weekends in recent months. The pound is just over 3X SGD if you pay by credit card, while the HKD is linked to the USD, which is the lowest it has been against the SGD since 1997, so it might actually be cheaper in HK.
  6. Hi, does anyone know if I can shop at the Chanel boutique if I'm only transiting in Heathrow?
  7. Does anyone know what is in stock at Heathrow Terminal 3 and Terminal 4?

  8. they have chanel in an airport?
  9. Yep, in London, HK and Singapore as far as I know.
  10. i think its london, thailand and HK. I dont remember seeing one in singapore.. :shame:
  11. Wow how cool!!!!!
  12. Back to my question.........
    Has anyone passed through Heathrow lately and know what is in stock?
  13. Hi. Chanel is in Terminal 3 when you leave Heathrow. It's a really big store for an airport and the SAs were very nice. I was there in December so I don't know what they have now. The phone number there is Tel: +44 (0)208 754 1000. Maybe you can call them and ask. Have a good trip!
  14. Definately call.
    They're sooooo helpful in there.
    I always buy a pair of sunnies when I pass through Heathrow. The next time I'm definately coming home with a bag ;)
  15. Thanks Rome4me/ Sratsey.
    I have just found out I will be travelling through Terminal 4, I been away for so long I can't remember if it is Yveline the Super fab SA works there or T3. I will track down the T4 number for sure.