UK Chanel Club

  1. Guys

    This is something that was started in the Balenciaga thread (my other love - getting less though since Chanel addiction kicked in!)

    Anyhow its a club for the UKers letting everyone know whats in stores or available. Thought it might be good to give it a go here and see what everyone has spotted.

    I am in Edinburgh so no Chanel stores here but I have been in the London stores a few times recently.

    One thing I can comment on is that Sloane Street had a gorgeous red mini tote with silver chain (new modern chain) would have bought it if I wasn't so desperate for my Classic Flap in red.

    Hey hope other people can come on and let us know whats stocks are out there.

    Sorry if this is a rubbish idea! seems to work well in the Bal forum.
  2. Hey SEcret_shopaholic!

    So glad u started the thread! Was thinking about doing it too the other day!

    So did u get the red flap? I want one too but I went to Bond street and they sold out. Very disappointed.

    Did u get the silver chain or gold?

    Btw. I love Balenciaga too! But my chanel obssession has kicked in!!
  3. Hey Mimi

    Great to have a response!

    No they didn't have a flap, only a tote which was really cute and if I had a red flap I would have bought it but the flap is what i want first! with silver hardware but I fear I have more chance of winning the lottery.

    Whats on your wish list then?
  4. i think it's a fabulous idea. glad you have started it. anyway i just been to london over the weekend here were what i have spotted in sloanne and bond street.

    metallic reissue 226 with silver chain - about £1200
    normal black reissue with gold chain 226 + 227
    Paris Bizrate tote in fabric as well as the allegator leather in mega large size.
    classic flaps with CC studs
    classic flaps with studs
    jumbo flap about £1150
    cotton club reporter in blue and white - about £1495
    cotton club small tote and bowler
    cambon tote in large and small.
    metallic gold and silver wallet with chain
    brown cabas in harrods

    there are some other bags too but i do not know the name.

    hope i didnt miss anything.
  5. oh Kaka

    THanks so much

    The jumbo - do you know which one it was?? and where it was

    Drooling over the list you have there
  6. sorry.. but what's a 'classic flaps with CC studs' and
    'classic flaps with studs'?

    never heard of it
  7. Great thread.

    I was in London today and visited Harrods, Sloane St, Bond St and Selfridges for my fix!

    I tend to look for what I like but saw:

    Lots of pony skin Sharpeys in black and brown

    Red jersey flap - beautiful but just not me!

    Grey jersey flap

    Expandable flaps galore

    Brown Astrakan (spelling?) which is beautiful in the flesh

    Dark silver wallets in small and large

    And too many others to remember!

    In terms of customer service, Sloane St stood out and Selfridges was at the bottom of the pile (but that seems to be a store wide issue if my visit today is to go by...).
  8. [​IMG]
    Classic with studs i mean the bag in the above pic. Sorry i dont know the proper name for it.

    Classic with 'CC' studs basically its same as the above pic but instead of having coins, lettering it just 'CC's studs all over the bag.

    I cant find any pics for the 'CC' only studded bags sorry. both to be found in sloanne street.

    Jumbo - i saw black only but i'm sure they have more colors. They have it in gold or silver chain. love the size. they have it in sloanne and bond street. but i'm sure it is not a hard-to-find bag.

    they have loads of classic flaps in new style eg with the new chain. or what looked to me is calf skin with new chain in brown.

    in terms of service i always find Bond street the best.

    EDIT - if you dont see the bag you want, make the SA dig into the stock room
  9. brilliant thanks so much

    I will be phoning for one of those jumbos tomorrow then!

    Kellybirkin - what was the jersy red like? do tell> and what size waas it and price do you know?
  10. Just called Bond Street

    The only jumbo they have is in silver and its caviar as lambskin is no longer made!!! boo hoo hoo - I am really gutted!
  11. The cost was £1170
  12. Oooh, jumbo in silver caviar? That sounds delicious :p Is that the classic flap, or the reissue? I'm veeery tempted!
  13. Silver Coloured jumbo - sounds amazing... !!!!
  14. see why can I not like the silver!!!!

    Always - it was the classic flap- its in Bond Street. Sloane don't have it
  15. I am so glad I found this thread! I am looking to buy a GST in black with silver HW next week (is it £930?) so if anyone has seen one please let me know. Also, I am looking for any bags under £1000 not the cambon or PB ligne so if anyone can help that would be great. Also, what is the price of medium cotton club tote if it is still available? Many thanks I hope someone can help.