UK boardies: Is the Neverfull MM availiable in the US?

  1. I'm hunting for the Neverfull MM and here in Norway there is actually a waitlist. I'm going to London next week, and now I hope to find one there. Which store is most likely to have one in stock?

    ETA: I messed yo the title, I meant to put the UK!
  2. The store on bond street is most likely to have it. They have a wide selection.
  3. Erm i think most of the Boutiques have alot of Neverfulls in atm.
  4. When you get to London, call LV customer service on 020 7399 4050. They are really helpful and will tell you which stores have it in stock.

    Good luck.
  5. I don't think you'll have any problem getting it any of the stores but i'd try the biggers one's to be sure (i.e Bond or Sloan street)