UK Bbag lovers

  1. Hi, everyone

    I'm relatively new to this forum, but really love the advice and support you get here from all members. What I would like, though, is perhaps a thread where we could get UK specific info such as early sales notice, mail order delivery costs, recommendations for helpful sales assistants, etc. Please forgive me, if there is already such a thread and perhaps direct me to it.
  2. Hey! I'm quite new to the forum too and I'm from Oxford - what about you?
    I get my Bbags from Hong Kong (parents are there) and Matches on Ledbury Road, Notting Hill. :smile:
    Atm I'm waiting to hear from my SA re. the new season stock - will post them up in a thread soon! Good luck bag-hunting x
  3. Hi, Juliekinnies

    Nice to hear from you.

    I'm from Northamptonshire and so far I've bought Bbags in Selfridges, London and recently Harvey Nichols in Leeds. I've recently ordered a 2007 Marine City for home delivery from HN and was really impressed with the very reasonable £7 delivery charge. I'm really looking forward to it arriving, since I've not yet seen the colour 'in the flesh'. But I do love the dark colours and so I know I won't be disappointed.
  4. So nice to meet someone from the UK :biggrin:
    Oh the Marine is such a lovely, rich colour - I haven't seen it in real life yet but I've heard lots of good things about it! Congratulations and definitely post some pictures up soon!
    I didn't know HN does home deliveries - and £7 is indeed very reasonable! What other colours do they have? I'm currently hunting down a Bleu Glacier or a French Blue...
    I also heard the 07 leathers are back to the original soft version so can't wait to get my hands on some lovely bags :love:
  5. I'll keep my eye out in HN Edinburgh for you. Will let you know if anything on your wish list is there.:yes:
  6. AWW thanks so much Siri anne! :blush:
  7. Lizziecat There are lovely UK PFrs here and they will post when they hear of new stock or sales. In fact, all the PFrs, no matter where they are from, seem really happy to help. I have only been here a short time and this group is fantastic. Is your Marine giant or regular hardware? Can't wait to see pics

    juliekinnies, no problem at all. Happy to help.
  8. Siri anne is right, everyone on tpf is so helpful. As I said to my friend the other day, we are friendly purse people!! :yes:

    Lizziecat. I live in London and have bought bbags from Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Koh Samui. I have also emailed Browns for a list of their most recent stock and will post when I get it.

    Juliekinnies, I called Harbey Nichols in London last week and spoke to James. He is so helpful. He told me all the bags they are getting in this season. He said that they are getting the French Blue in the first with regular hardware and 10 of the French Blue part time with Giant hardware. They are also getting 10 of the Grass Green with Giant hardware. If you call him I'm sure he will help you out.

    Good luck.
  9. Hi, I'm in London and bought my first ever bbags from Matches yesterday. Otherwise I'm often lurking in Selfridges and Harrods as they are less than 30 mins drive for me. Will keep my eyes open for any bargains for fellow UK PFers :smile:
  10. wow! Thanks so much Elise :biggrin: That's really helpful I love the French blue!
    And Siri Anne - you're so right, all the PFers I've met are so so lovely and more helpful than any SA imaginable :blush:
    fah51 - I buy my bags from Matches too my SA is called Leanne and she is an Irish sweetie!
    Finally Lizziecat - HAVE FUN and in no time you'd get SO addicted to tPF!
  11. What a lovely welcome from UK tPF members. It's great to know who you all are now and I can keep an eye out for your threads and updates. Thank you so much for responding and if you need a good contact at Harvey Nichols in Leeds, the SA I spoke to, who is in the know about what's coming in to stock, is a delightful young lady called Lizzie. No connection with me, since Lizzie is my beautiful cat's name! Thank you again and I'll post a picture of my new Marine City (regular hardware) asap. I'm not sure about the giant hardware bags until I've actually had a look at one up close. I bet I get smitten.
  12. Hi guys (I feel like the new kid even tho' I've been here a while). I'm also a UK bbag lover - its nice to see some more of us on the board. I've got 2 pretty bbabys - one from Cricket, the other from Aloha Rag, after I couldn't find it here. My local bbag sanctuary is HN in Leeds, but they never seem to order any of the good blues or greens (my favies), so I usually end up having to look further afield.

    <--- I know its kinda sad, but this is my 1,666 post, and the 666 is making me chuckle.

    Its been a long day.
  13. Ooooh. Marine City with regular hardware:heart: :heart: :heart: Can't wait to see it.

    I can't get my head around the Giant Hardware. It looks lovely in some styles, but not for me....
  14. I agree Siri Anne (still drooling over your pewter black first btw :drool:)
    And hello English Girl! I know what you mean about British stores not having the blues and the greens - they seem a lot more conservative when stocking up the new season colours :sad: What's it like ordering from AlohaRag? Custom ok? :smile:
  15. Im from England too :yahoo: I just got my first bbag a blueberry courier from browns of london in the sale and postage was £5 what a bargain!