UK Bargains/Sales for December/January

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  1. I thought it would be good to have a thread for UK sales which will be coming up shortly.:yes:

    I got invited to the preview Koh Samui Sale in Covent Garden and managed to snag a Marc Jacobs "baby" Stam bag for £290! Everything with a red dot has 40% off. Am not sure if everyone is able to buy at the preview sale (I have a Koh Samui card) but I think the Sale will be open to everyone by the end of the week.

    They have lots of Chloe bags...more like TONS of Chloe bags on sale, Marc Jacobs (lots of stams/quilted bags), and Balenciaga (not much but they had Weekenders, Part-time, quilted box bags).

    Hope you all manage to grab a bargain, happy shopping!!;)
  2. They have lots of Chloe bags...more like TONS of Chloe bags on sale, Marc Jacobs (lots of stams/quilted bags), and Balenciaga (not much but they had Weekenders, Part-time, quilted box bags).

    Hey HbAddict
    i was jus wondering if you had an ideas if there were any mini paddingtons on sale? if yes were they marked down to 40% off as well?
    thanx in advance...

  3. Sorry I can't remember seeing a mini one, but I know they have sold them. It may be worth calling them on: 020 7240 4280. I have a feeling they might have one, they seem to have a lot of Chloe stock! Good luck, let me know how you get on :flowers:
  4. thanks so much.. will call them definitely...xx:heart:
  5. Oooh..BTW there is Mulberry Friends and Family Sale tomoro and day after..
    I have the invite but cant post it since its pdf format. If you're interested HbAddict, email me, i got my email on file.. will send it to you..apparently you have to print out the invite and bring it along..(dunno hw tht will make any difference!)...

    And i'll let you knw wat they say abt the mini paddy..:heart: Thanks again..!!
  6. Aw thanks hun! ;)Can't spend anymore on me till after Xmas now....still have loads of Xmas shopping to do! But i'll see if my mum wants to go!
  7. any more sales next week? I'm going to London then and my buying cravings keep getting bigger and bigger!!!!! also, do you think there'll be any bbags or stams left my sunday-monday? Thanks!!!!!
  8. They had quite a few of the stams in mouse and I saw one mouse baby stam left after I bought one:P, lots of east/west stams in mouse and black and double pocket wallets. They had a few different Marc Jacobs style bags which look like the stam shape but are different materials (not sure what that style is called but they were much more expensive).

    As for the BBags, they didn't have too much stock out, but they have put more out since I went yesterday....good luck and let us know what you buy!!
  9. thanks so much!!! I really want another bbag and another stam! hihi!
  10. Aw I so want a Stam as well! Wonder if they do mail order to sunny Scotland?
  11. Went to Koh Samui yesterday - she said the proper sale would not be for a few weeks yet :sad: Al reduced items are back to full price today (7th)
  12. Hey HBaddict, b4 i could ring koh samui.. i saw miss bradshaw's post and decided not to waiting for the style sister sale on 9th.. purely accessories.. m really excited..

    and miss bradshaw, did u find anything at mulberry..?
    i cdnt make it :sad:

    also everyone, there's the DWS sale, menswear tho.. the designer warehouse sales , its on friday, sat and sun near kings cross, google them for more info..
    the reviews for earlier sales were good, altho i have never been.. does anyone have any idea if they are woth going to?

  13. Theres an Orla Kiely sale today untill 8pm and tomorrow untill 7pm and the 10th untill 5pm. location: Studio 95, 95 Brick lane E1. Theres also a French Connection sample sale today and on the weekend at Centro 1, 39 Camden Street.
  14. Hi HandbagAddict4ever
    Do you know if any fendi B bags are on sale in harvey nicks?