UK Bal stock Update??

  1. Hi, Does anyone know when the Juane and Violet will be in the UK?

    Thanks :smile:
  2. Coming in dribs and drabs already. There is a violet Part Time with GSH available at Selfridges Trafford today.

    Nobody that I have spoken to is going to stock Jaune.
  3. ^^What?!?! I wish they would hurry up and get them already. I was planning on going to london this weekend to check them out :sad:
  4. I have given up on finding anything in the UK.... Europe is our best bets!
  5. Where in Europe is best to buy Bbags? Are they cheaper in the rest of EU than the UK?
    Violets such a gorgeous colour :sad:
  6. Thanks everyone. I am going to Dublin next month, do you think I might have a better chance looking there?

    I am going to try and get to Selfridges, HN and Harrods over the next few weeks and will update once I have been.
  7. As far as I know, Brown Thomas is the only store in Dublin that stocks Balenciaga