UJnheard of! Classic Timeless Clutch in Lampskin actually dropped in price!

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  1. I was at NM at Tyson's yesterday and was admiring a new, just in, classic clutch. (they made it a little wider at the bottom, and it has a metal frame instead of all black frame on top) . And the best part-- it's not 1295.99 instead of 1395.99! That's a first time I see Chanel actually lowering a price for its product! I did not get it thought, because of the delicate skin, it already had creases in the spots that were sitting on the display, and it's brand new!
  2. I would imagine that if it costs less and there was change to style it is more cheaply made. Was it just as "classic"ooking you think? Interesting but I am leery.
  3. I think what you saw was the new clutch that looks similar to the timeless. The timeless is still being made along with the new style.
  4. I guess this is kinda like the m/l valentine flaps, which is "only" $2695 compare to the regular classic $28xx now. I was surprised at first becuz they're suppose to be LE, but then I found out that valentine flaps do not have the inner flap (second flap) and it only has fabric lining. So maybe there's something less with this clutch to make it cheaper than the regular classic clutch?
  5. The associate told me this is the new version of the classic clutch. To my understanding, no other one will be made ( dont see why there would be, they are exactly same, except that the part that was all black on top, the frame that opens, is all metal now. It's all same, except i'm not sure how much i like the metal part. It's too shiny. There was another color, a deep blue, and i liked that one better, because the metal part was more matte, darker. They also had it in bronzish color.
  6. I know the timeless classic clutch is still made. I saw it a Bloomingdales last Tuesday.
  7. yeah I know what you mean, it's $100 cheaper than the classic clutch, I got it from my local NM but returned and exchanged it with the classic lambskin one. The new one is part of 2010 spring/summer collection. you can do the search, I posted my modelling pics right after brought her home. However, I am glad I exchanged it, am loving the inside leather instead of satin-ish finish on the lining on their new clutch.

    Buuut..although am loving my classic clutch, I just am so upset that NM shipped it out without its box, price tag and the booklet that usually come with it, KWIM..:Push:. I emailed my SA abt it but she had not replied, I think I am gonna give her a call and ask for the box, oops..sorry for ranting:biggrin: