uhoh -SNAD claim

  1. I should have used Goofbay before BIN. :cursing: Where is the graemlin with the hammer wacking himself on the head?? The boots were the only ones on eBay and I got click itchy. Argh! They came today and are obviously seconds/irregular. The stitching around the zipper has been resewn and looks like crap. They were 1/2 of retail but that is not the point, the listing said NEW and no mention of damage. The pics looked fine and the (not so close)closeup didn't show anything unusual. Out of curiousity, I checked goofbay and the seller has several neg and neutrals for sending irregulars and snad. And to top it off, they retaliate feedback. great. :rolleyes: So, just sent them an email and opened a claim with Paypal. Hopefully they are reasonable and will refund. Has anyone had luck getting return shipping too?
  2. I got a full refund from PayPal w/ shipping on a C&C "dress" (they sent me a tunic in a different color) but it was only about $50. Good luck & don't worry about retaliatory feedback!