Uhoh..Possible buyer's remorse!

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  1. I've been wanting a bigger "guy" ceramic watch to wear for a while, so mine finally came today!

    Except I think that it makes my arm look fat, and the watch looks a little tacky..:yucky:

    Since you gals have good judgement, what do you think? Do you think I should keep it?

    My sister suggested I try to get the front bezel painted black. Does anyone know where I could get a watch professionally colored? It's ceramic, so that may be tough.

    Boo! I'm so sad. Please let me know your honest thoughts!


  2. why dont you just return it... if you just got it??
  3. Haha, well my best friend loves it, my sister doesn't, and I'm impartial. I got a good discount from my SA with World of Watches, so I'm not sure if I want to keep it or not.
  4. It definately does not make your arm look fat. But personally I am not too keen on it myself. It is something about the bezel and band that throws it off for me. The face is not bad.

    I agree, if you just bought it try returning it first and getting something you will like better.
  5. I would not try to get a bezel painted, if you aren't happy best to return it.
  6. Return it. Painting ceramic won't work and you clearly don't love it. I'd keep looking and find one a tiny bit smaller.
  7. I'm not crazy about the duel colours, if yours not 100% happy don't settle! return it and get something you love. there's lots of ceramic watches out there!!
  8. You definitely don't look fat with it, but if you don't love it return it. Agree with previous poster that dual colours don't rock my boat either...
  9. Not feeling the dual colors and don't recommend getting it painted. my suggestion would be to return it and find a smaller face watch.
  10. If you don't love it then definitely return it! It's a really cool watch and I think it looks awesome on you but you will never wear it if you don't like it.
  11. i don't like the colors but i think the size is fine on you.
  12. i think it's a bit big, but otherwise ok.... it doesn't come in a smaller size?
  13. I think it looks to big on your arm, but i am not really keen on the big face watches. If you are not 100% happy return it. I have done that many times as well. Want something, get it and then get home and have buyers remose.
  14. not a fan..sorry
  15. I think it looks great on you-beautiful watch. It doesn't make your arm look fat at all. I do think its too big for you though. If you don't love it, return it. You'll never wear it and then whats the point?