uhoh ordered from diabro-what have I done?

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  1. Eeeek- I just ordered an Anthra Part time with RH from Diabro- Seemed like a good idea at the time. Now I'm nervous, hoping it's real and a good shade of anthracite. :nuts: How long do they take on delivery? I have never ordered anything from them. :sos:.
  2. i have never oredered from them but i'm sure it'll be real and gorgeous! i know a lot of Tpfers have bought their babies from them so you have only to wait for your new baby (and when she'll be at home ,post immediately pics!) :yes:
  3. I've ordered from Diabro (white shoulder) and it was authentic and delivery was very quick.
  4. I haven't ordered a Balenciaga, but i got an authentic Chloe Silverado. It arrived in the UK 4 days later, with a tracking number and they undervalued the customs form so i didn't have to pay customs charges. I would buy from them again.
  5. :yahoo:Congrats Andi!!!!:yahoo: Post pics when you get it!!!!:smile: I never ordered from Diabro but I have heard good things about them.
  6. Congrats....I ordered a Balenciaga tank top from them it came pretty quickly with a tracking number and they marked it as a gift so I didn't have to pay customs, it was Authentic...I'm really happy would dif order from them again.
  7. i've never ordered bbags from them, but i have ordered clothes. i had a good experience. they called me to confirm and sent tracking info. also, undervalued my order to prevent custom fees. i'd order from them again. don't worry... your bag will be beautiful.
  8. Don't worry!!! I have ordered several authentic Chloe and Bbags from them- quick ship, too!!!!:tup:
  9. Congrats!!!
  10. Sounds pretty, congrats on your bag! I'm sure you'll love her once you get her in your hands.
  11. I ordered a Christian Dior Rebelle bag, authentic and arrived in four days.
  12. I've never ordered from them but it seems other pfers have had a alright experience.
    You'll def love the anthra color! Please post pics!
  13. I ordered an authentic Bbag and received it within a few days.
  14. hi! i hope it's not too late but when i ordered my vermillion from them i told them to choose a good shade for me, one without any orange undertones and they did a good job! i think you could still email them now with your order number to ask them to choose a good colour for you if the bag has not been sent out! and they deliver pretty quickly! :tup:
  15. there is a 'contact us' link on the website. you can send them a 'live help' message. leave your number and they will call you. i did that when i changed my mind on an order. they called me back right away within 15 minutes.

    eta: maybe make sure you use it during business hours (tokyo time zone).